Living Kidney Donor (Part 2)

Living Kidney Donor (Part 2)


Overview: Advances in organ transplantation are allowing more people to have a second chance at life and survive serious health problems, including kidney and liver failure. The number of people who need an organ transplant is much greater than the supply of donated organs. When it comes to kidney transplants, however, living donors are helping to alleviate the shortage. In this program, you'll learn about the process of living kidney donation, for both donor and recipient. Part One: Kidney anatomy and function Causes of kidney failure Dialysis Kidney transplant waiting lists Benefits of kidneys from living donors Organ matching Minimally-invasive surgery for donors Who can donate a kidney Anti-rejection medication Part Two: The kidney transplant operation Recovery period Anti-rejection therapies Steroid-free protocol Induction therapy Pancreas and kidney transplants Research advances Dr. Matthew Cooper is a transplant surgeon at the University of Maryland Medical Center an associate professor of surgery at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Links: Living Kidney Donors (Part 1) Living Kidney Donors (Part2) Living Kidney Donor Transplant Program Dr. Matthew Cooper

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