Liver Transplant And MSUD: Hopes And Dreams

Liver Transplant And MSUD: Hopes And Dreams


Jean Handler, who was cured of Maple Syrup Urine Disease (MSUD) by a liver transplant, talks about her hopes and dreams. As they age, people with MSUD often are beset by a variety of crippling health problems which can keep them from realizing their hopes and reams. Handler will now be able to finish college and move on to a career of her choice. Background Info Transplant surgeons at Emory University Hospital are the first in the state of Georgia to perform a very rare domino liver transplant procedure. In effect, the procedure is saving two lives and curing one rare disease (Maple Syrup Urine Disease - MSUD) in a 24-year-old patient, and dramatically improving the quality of life in the other patient, who has suffered a lifetime battle with hemophilia, and more recently hepatitis C. Related Links Emory University Hospital Performs Georgia's First Domino Liver Transplant New tool in the fight for scarce donor organs Liver Transplant Program at Emory

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