LionBridge  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   SIES GST,Navi Mumbai-18 Aug 2008

LionBridge  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   SIES GST,Navi Mumbai-18 Aug 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    HELLO FRNDZ,  I am Final year student of EXTC 2009 batch..I am placed in Lionbridge on 18th August 2008..(Needed some guidance through this site during my placement unfortunately cudnt found one so thought to contribute so that it will help others)...Its a multinational company having branches in 26 countries..It deals with translation,development,testing and e-learning.. Lets start with the selection procedure (eligibility : 53% aggre ):

    1.Written test- General aptitude (no technical quest).
    2. GD
    3. Technical interview
    4. HR interview

    There were 105 Candidates:
    1. After test :  36 students cleared
    2. Finally selected : 14 students (8 extc,4 comps,1 IT)

    About aptitude (there were no sets, no negative marking, no sectional cut off, 60 questions in 60 mins):
    1. English- 20 Questions-5 meanings,5 sentence completion ,5 arranging sentences, 5 questions on selecting pair of sentences which suits best to the original sentence.
    2. Quantative-20 Questions (need good practise and speed too)
    3. Data Interpretation-20 Questions- 2 diff tables from which 10 questions can be answered,logical passage (puzzle kind)

     Its easy to crack. They select top 40 students after written test. There is 2 yrs bond. GD ws cancelled and technical and HR was combined. For technical prepare miroprocessor, microcontroller, any presentation if done and C++ for non-IT students.There were 3 panels, each panel ws asking same program whch ws in C.

    Dont worry...Every impossibile is possible to GOD. 

    All da best...Do send feedback..n plzzzzzzzz dnt loose hope 

    c u in L10nbridge

    TAKE CARE.     

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