LCube Technologies  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   NBKRIST,Vidyanagar-18 Feb 2007

LCube Technologies  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   NBKRIST,Vidyanagar-18 Feb 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    hi friends.

    Lcube innovative solutions is a chennai based company. provides 10,000/- for 3 months training period. and 16,000/- after training period. and 1lakh rupees have to be paid as security and 2 years bond

    written test contains two sections.

    Aptitude 20 questions. Technical 30 questions .no negitive marking.

    1: which one of the following is having less value than1/2
    a)2/3 b)5/6 c)28/29 etc.. person spend his half of age in child hood and 1/4 th in studies and 1/3 in marraige his son was born after his dad was died after 4yrs.and so..on (puzzle) a club there are 2 girls and 4boys if equal number of girls and boys joined in the club then the ratio will become 3:4 .how many menbers are there in club? question on pipes and cisterns

    5..000004*.000009 ?

    6.problem on ages.

    7.a man can do piece of work in 5days and another man can do the same work in 7 days .if both do the same work at a time then how many days are required to finish the work?

     All most all problems are from R.S.Agarwal quantitative apptitde.


    mailny based on c, c++, java C: structures, pointers, arrays
    java: find the o/p of program etc..
    c++: private,public,protected usage in main and subclasses.

     ALL THE BEST for those who are preapring for placements.

    Hope this will help u.


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