L & T  Company Profile

L & T  Company Profile

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    7 Jan, 2012

    L&T company profile
    Corporate view:  Larsen & Toubro (L&T) is a multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Mumbai, India.

      L&T has an international presence, with a global spread of offices and factories, further supplemented by a comprehensive marketing and distribution network.


    Founded:         Mumbai , India (1938)


    Founder(s):    Henning Holck-Larsen

                        Søren Kristian Toubro


    Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra , India


    Employees:     38,785 (2010)


    Operating Divisions:


    • Engineering & Construction Projects (E&C)
    • Heavy Engineering (HED) 
    • Construction
    • Power
    • Electrical & Electronics (EBG)
    • Machinery & Industrial Products (MIPD)
    • IT & Technology Services
    • Financial Services 
    • Railway Projects

    India location:


    Larsen & Toubro Limited

    L&T House, Ballard Estate

    P. O. Box: 278,

    Mumbai 400 001, India


    Website: http://www.larsentoubro.com


    Company speak:
    Entry Level Recruitment:


    Graduate Engineer Trainees


    L&T's amazing growth story has been possible because of the fresh talent that flows in from engineering campuses. The top management believes in transforming fresh graduate engineers into future leaders by making them go through the crucible of challenging assignments. The belief is strengthened by the fact that most of the business leaders in L&T have joined as trainees and have grown up the ladder.


    The inflow of graduate engineering trainees (GETs) from campuses has seen a steady increase over the past few years.


    The scenario for the future is very positive with businesses growing at a steady pace. The demand for fresh talent is on the increase and we are looking for bright engineering talent to partner us in this growth story. The plan is to add at least 40% more to the next year's figures.


    Roles in L&T


    L&T offers many opportunities A few indicative roles are given below:


    • Business services
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Construction Management
    • Project management
    • Manufacturing engineering
    • Technical services

    What do we look for in fresh graduates?


    • Value System Match
    • Knowledge Base
    • Skill to Apply Concepts
    • Self-motivation & Commitment
    • Passion for Excellence

    L&T selection process


    At present, we are visiting around 80 odd campuses with which we share a fantastic rapport for many years. Recently, L & T has started a 'pool campus process' where L&T invite all AICTE approved colleges in major locations across the country. This has enlarged the recruitment base for the company, increasing opportunities for bright engineers to make an entry into L&T.


    The present selection process consists of:


    Written tests that measure intelligence and engineering aptitude

    Technical interview


    Training for campus recruits


    The objective of this 'finishing school' is to successfully on-board the campus recruits in L&T so that they can have an overview of the breadth of work. It also helps him/her in getting acclimatized to the work ethos and start delivering from day one.


    The 35-day programme consists of an orientation about L&T, its businesses, and projects undertaken. The trainees have to work on technical projects, individual assignments, product simulations, and have to undergo various technical as well non-technical exercises on-line. This program is a good mix of technical & non-technical activities with lot of fun-filled activities such as In-basket exercises, Games, Activities, Contests and Cultural Programs.



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