KU Transportation Research Institute-Feedstock To Tailpipe

KU Transportation Research Institute-Feedstock To Tailpipe


KU scientists and professors demonstrate the use of algae as an alternative fuel as part of the Feedstock to Tailpipe Initiative. Watch algae grow, be turned into fuel and then tested to ensure it will leave a positive impact on the environment. This Initiative is different from other experiments that use algae as an alternative fuel in that it employs people from six different departments--chemical, mechanical, environmental engineering, ecology, biology, and geography--who collaborate and bring multiple areas of expertise to the table. This research may mark KU as a leader in Biofuels research. KU Transportation Research Institute (KU TRI) was started in 2005 after acquiring $14.5 million in federal appropriations. In June of 2006, Dr. Robert Honea became the first director for the Institute. Under his leadership, KU TRI seeks to build upon the strengths of KU research efforts in transportation by fostering a cross-disciplinary inquiry into a wide spectrum of emerging transportation issues.

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