KPIT  Placement Paper   General - Other   Terna Engg College, Nerul-2 Feb 2008

KPIT  Placement Paper   General - Other   Terna Engg College, Nerul-2 Feb 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    It was a 35 question 30 minutes test. Part 1 was 20 questions mostly maths related involving some simple problems. Part2 was English part which had only Sentence Correction. They had negative marking. the quants section was quite time consuming. so it is advisible to attempt verbal section first (which is quite easy as compare to the quants and requires less time) for quants, dnt try to solve evry question till its final ans. get approximate ans..though difficulty level of this section  is moderate/easy but it was still very time consuming.   

    Aptitude test(total 35Q...1/4 negative marks for wrong one...1 mark for right)
    quants(20 questions) each question has 4 options;            

    Q  find min value of (a+1)(b+1)(c+1)(d+1) if abcd=1
    ans: 16

    Q    some probems on pipes
    Q    probem on proportions
    Q    some basic problems 

    english (15 questions)
    each question ha 5 options all were based on setance correction      

    Q as a basketball player one should be good in (dribbling,running and pass) the ball.
    [A]dribbles, runs and passes
    [b]dribbling, running and passing (correct)
    [c]dribbling, running and to pass
    [d]dribble, run and pass
    [e]dribblling, jumping and passing

    Q when sumit is not working he can (cook or watch) tv.
    [A] cook and watch
    [b] cooking and watching
    [c] either watch or cook
    [d] watch the cook
    [e] either cook or watch (correct)

    and similar kind of questions...all were easy ones.. 

    out of 900(APPROX) students only 86 had cleared there apti. and got selected for technical interview.GD is there if and only if no of students is more than 100 (or cleared the apti). there were 4 technical for each branch (i dont knw much abt tronix but they ask them about 8085 structure and other kind of questions)

    FOR computer/IT
    he will first ask you about favoraite sub.(choose odd one..dnt choose common that it will b intersting for them) i told them html (web designing)...(they take only compter maths or drawing..) then he ask me abt
    -basic concept of web designing
    -ask me abt redirecting
    -diffrence between redirecting and transfer then he ask me some Q on database (though i didnt it mentiond as a favorait sub)
    -wat is primary key ,candidate key, sarrogate key, unique key
    -can primary key have null value?-N
    -can unique key have null value?-Y
    *then he ask me some questions on c,c++
    -explain the logic for palindrom
    -odd and even palindrom
    -program on sorting
    -far ponter
    -basic concepts on pointers
    -he didnt ask me anything abt my project
    some of us told them Image Processing as a there sub..i was planning for the same
    he just took his ID and ask them how will you process the information on his ID (like name..and etc)
    you must b confident abt your ans though you are nt sure abt ur ans.. 

    ( was my first technical interview...before my no. only 1 candidate got through this TI..and got rejected in HR the technical expert was too tierd and so he ask me to join him on a walk. just like a 'coffe with karan' he was taking a tea and asking me a qestions and we were walking on the college ground.. it was a great expiriance....) 

    if HR is scheduled before TI then it is going to be tough HR.. after clearing TI , HR was kool...he looks like a college guy..and was too frank they just ask me abt my family background..hobbies etc.. they ask me weather i m comfortable with shifting in pune..?? then i heard....WELCOME TO KPIT...


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