KPIT  Placement Paper   General - Other   Tamilnadu College Of Engineering, Coimbatore.-14 Mar 2008

KPIT  Placement Paper   General - Other   Tamilnadu College Of Engineering, Coimbatore.-14 Mar 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012

    KPIT PAPER ON 14th MARCH 2008

    Hi everybody First I want to thank my friend, parends n god. I had appeared for KPIT on 19th March'08.... The Aptitude started at 9.45am. Students from diff colleges appeared for the test .

    The aptitude results were out till 12.30. The names wre announced n  mine also. 
    They shortlisted 108 out of 418 students. 
    After the aptitude we had  PPT. 
    G.D was not there.

    After short presentation we had Technical Interview n Personal Interview. KPIT requirs students who are Smart peoples n your percentage is not a matter.

    Be confident, be simple and keep smiling the day throughout.

    Aptitude test pattern:
    Test is of  35 marks for 30 minutes.

    There's  negative marking which ll be announced. I answered four wrong questions n i lost 4.5 marks from my total. So don't try to solve all de questions or don't guess any question.

    There are two sections
    1)Qantititive (20 Ques)
    2)English.     (15 Ques)

    In quantitative section there are 20 questions. they are really time consuming. Solve English first but be fast in this part.Try to solve all the questions in english,its very easy to do. 

    Technical:My interview went for around 20-30 minutes

    My HR was really very cool person.
    ME : Good Evening Sir .After a cool Handshake he asked me to sit. He was looking at my Resume. Please be clear with your resume n just give the details which you know completely abt it.
    Int: Hw r u? I said fine n i asked hw do u feel abt de city.(Coimbatore)
    Int: Some blah blah...   n he started. quest he asked: wats de diff bw struct n unoin? write a prog for addition of two variables but use a function for addion. (here i made few simpl mistakes n he corrected me) n askd some quest from tat prog itself . wat r de datastructures u know? Tel abt link list n types.. he gave an array of data n askd to do binary search.

    In Micro processor, wat a addressing mode? wat r de types n expl...write a program to swap two numbers. he rreally imprssed with this prog as i used a diff method to do so... n final he told tat i may select u coz u impresd somewat wit this prog bt u must be confident in personal HR. I said i'l meet u in KPIT sir n i thankd him n i was asked to attend de PHR in next few min. 

    He tested only confidence & communication skill.
    Int: Y this much percentage oly u ve? i was thinking to ans for it bt he never expected an ans for tat quest. he just moved to next.
    INT: what s your role in your project? wat do u tel abt teamwork? tats it my PHR over.
    INT: OK. You go n sit in tat room. (he was looking tough enough to talk)
    ME: Thank You Sir. 

    After that i came to the waiting room. and after three hours the results declared at 10.40pm 
    My Name was in the list. I'm much Happy with it. 

    All the best n Best of luck friends.....

    Be confident......

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