KPIT  Placement Paper   General - Other   SVCET Of Chitoor-21 Feb 2008

KPIT  Placement Paper   General - Other   SVCET Of Chitoor-21 Feb 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi Frnds,  I attended for KPIT in SVCET College in chittoor(off campus). I am doing final btech  ECE in INTELL engg college.Here is my experience.

    About 600 memebers attend and 167 are shortlisted in written test and sent to further rounds.Finally they selected 73 members for KPIT.KPIT is in pune and banglore.

    First i will tell the selection procedure. There are mainly three rounds and Gd is optional(depending on number of members)
    1.Writtem test

    In Written test , there will be given 30min of time to do  35 questions.In that 20 questions frm aptitude and rem frm english.The questions  are easy for me, just we have to manage the time.

    Some questions are,
    1.If   w=15w/(w+13) then wat is (1/2w)^2 ?

    2.If a person covers 4m in 1/4th second, how much he wil cover in 10sec?

    3.A completes work in x days n B completes in y days .In how many days both wil complete?
    Ans :xy/(x+y) 

    But be careful there will be negative marking of 1/4th mark for each wrong answer.I solved upto 25 questionsin the paper.We hav cut off of abt 18 marks in written test. 

    After written test results are announced there is a ppt about KPIT and after half an hour time they started the technical round.

    In technical round, they concentrated on C, micro processors, micro controllers, Embedded systems and abt the project(for ECE ) There is only one interviewer in the room. First i wished him, then he asked wat are ur present subjects.I said.
    wat r ur last sem subjects? He asked a question on optical fibres.I said.
    Wat is micro processor?
    wat is a microcontroller?
    How many registers are present in microcontroller?
    wat is embedded systems?
    Difference bet emb sys and a computer?
    Questions on my mini project?

    I answered about all questions.Be confident while answering.If u dont know just say,i cant recollect now sir.But dont tell the wrong answers.Then he told , thats all u can leave.

    The candidates who cleared technical r sent to Hr round. Technical round is difficult, if u clear it then  u r almost selected.

    Coming to next round , there are 2 persons in the room asked to take me seat when i entered the room.Seeing to the resume they  asked my family background,  can u relocate? I said yes sir.
    Then he asked wats ur strength?
    wat wil u do in free time?
    Tell me why should i take u?

    I said i am hard worker, flexible. I hav skills which help to achieve the goals of the organnisation.

    How many companies did u attend previously?
    I said this is my 5th one sir. He asked why did u failed in those? I explained the reasons.

    He said u have to wait for 5hrs to know the results.I said ok sir.They just check the confident level, communication skills in hr.

    At about 11 clock, they announced the results.They selected 73 students. 36 for pune n 37 for banglore.I am very happy to have my name in tat list.

    I thank


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