KPIT  Placement Paper   General - Other   PCEA,Nagpur-23 Feb 2008

KPIT  Placement Paper   General - Other   PCEA,Nagpur-23 Feb 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi Friends..
    Aptitude test was conducted after almost 4hrs from the scheduled time.The apti paper comprised of two parts 

    1)Genaral apti questions=20 (Plz refer R.S Aggarwal for the same.Topics:profit & loss, percentage,time distance, time work,problems on trains, problems on streams,data interpretation,few problems on on)        

    2)Verbal=15  This section was extremely easy for people who converse in English and follow English newspapers.

    Since there is negative marking please be selective.Go for Verbal first and then try to solve atleast 8-10 apti questions which you are sure of being right. 

    35 questions 30mins 

    Also there is no sectional cut-off. But the time allotted is very less.So time management equally important. 

    Result of apti announced after 3-4hrs. Thanks to god the TI and HR rounds were scheduled for the other day. 

    The day began with a PPT.Some facts and figures about the company are being disclosed.Just keep in mind some of the points which are stressed on by the speaker. 

    This was followed by the Technical Interview: My TI went extremely good.My interviewer gave me a scenario and asked me how would i react to the given situation.Also some questions asked on Data Structures & C.

    I would suggest students to prepare OS , C, C++ and Data Structures fundamentals.

    He even asked me to name all the subjects i studied till date.

    TI too smooth.. 

    This round is just a formality. Some general questions like speak about urself.Hobbies stuff like that.My HR was too casual..made me feel comfortable. Infact while interviewing he hinted me that i was already through and asked me to wait for the results.They follow your resume closely.So be sure of what you put up in your Resume.. 

    Late evening the results were announced and by gods grace i was through..

    1500 students appeared.Out of which 122 cleared apti and ony 47 candidates were finally selected.. 

    All the Best friends.. 

    Believe in yourself and be Confident.. 


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