KPIT  Placement Paper   General - Other   College Of Engg.,Ambajogai-18 Feb 2008

KPIT  Placement Paper   General - Other   College Of Engg.,Ambajogai-18 Feb 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends, I am Vishal Ayalane. I have placed for ?KPIT CUMMINS ?. I am TE  (ELECTRONICS) student. It was forth appeared company, so don?t be disappointed about failure in previous aptis. Company was visited at college of engg. Ambajogai on  18/02/2008. It was a single day procedure ??..

    There were near about 600 students were participated for written test out  of which 67 were short listed , therefore their had no GD. After which they had technical interview (quite difficult) and HR round (just a formality ). After these three round they were selected only 21 students.
    Recruitment process for ?KPIT CUMMINS?:--
    1.Written Test
    2.Technical Interview.

    Written test:-
    Probably it was easy because there were some questions which were already asked in previous exams, so be careful about it, get some recent papers from internet And work hard on it.
    There were two sections

    In quanti. Work on pipes and cisterns, time and work, allegation and mixture, ages, time and distance, percentage, ratio and proportion, trains, area, That?s all. Please refer R.S.AGGARWAL.
    In English, simple questions on sentence correction, that can be solved just by reading them there itself.
    ?67 were shortlisted from 600 student?.

    Technical Interview :-
    Please create your resume carefully.
    If you are diploma holder (I also a diploma holder) then please make a special column for project. They asked much more on your project just explain it properly.
    Then they will ask you about area of interest. &
    1.tell me difference between structure and union
    2.write a program in c language. electronics 
    the technical interview will be about 25 min/student.?out of 67 only 23 were selected for HR?. that?s why it is tough enough.

    HR Interview :-
    Again Please create your resume carefully. Make it large enough at least of 2 pages.
    1.tell me about yourself
    2.he might ask u about project again .
    3.why u chose diploma and electronics
    4.what do u think entrepreneurship.
    5.strength and weaknesses. (tell him simple weakness which will not show negativeness in your?s)
    don?t need to prepare anything, Just tell him truth whatever may be. Don?t ever try to bluff him. Please pleaseeeeeeeeeee  ?AVOID DEAD ERRORS.?

    While giving HR interview.?21 were selected out of 23?. And I am one of them Thank you god and ?KPIT CUMMINS?. And

    If you want to contact me then Contact no. 09890653316 .

    ?ALL THE BEST?. ?see you in KPIT CUMMINS??????..

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