KPIT  Placement Paper   General - Other   -3 Dec 2007

KPIT  Placement Paper   General - Other   -3 Dec 2007

  • Posted by  FreshersWorld 
    7 Jan, 2012


    hey all, i appeared for KPIT aptitude in pune. aptitude consists of 2 section:
    Section 1: Quantitative( %age, ratio, speed etc)---20 question
    Toughest part
    Section 2: English all phrase replacement( some sentences are given and part of it is underlined we have to find best replacement for it)------ 15 questions (very easy just read them properly)

    In all 35Q, ther is 0.25 negative marking ie 1mark minus for 4 wrong answers, total time 30Mins I did english section first so was able complete more questions.
    I remember few aptitude question u can prepare accordingly, i dnt knw the correct frame of question but the values are correct.

    Section 1:
    1. A ladder resting on wall and its top is at 8m from ground and ladder is shifted 2m away from wall. find height of ladder?
    D. --
    2.Two boats at a distance 20km from each other and travel towards each other at speed of 10km/hr and 15km/hr find distance between two boats in km 1 min before they collide?
    b 1/6
    c 1/4
    3. a,a+2,a+4 where a is prime no. what is value of a?
    4. grapes contain 90% water, when dried it contains 20% water, so wat is weight of grapes in 20kg dry grape a.--- do remember values
    5. x+y=x*y for how many values it holds true
    C.3<<< of the above
    6.abcd=1 wat is value of (1+a)(1+b)(1+c)(1+d)
    7.g= max(x+2,x-2) and sum values give dnt remeber the correct question but it easy u will get it bas i remeber only this much question i was able to slove only 8/20 in section1 :(((((

    Hope u will do well 
    All the best
    Try for it, KPIT is gud company

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