KPIT  Placement Paper   General - Interview   SGGSIE&T ,Nanded-12 Feb 2008

KPIT  Placement Paper   General - Interview   SGGSIE&T ,Nanded-12 Feb 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hello friends, I am Pritesh Rohile (T.Y CSE) student from SGGSIE&T. I had appeared for KPIT CUMMINS test on 12 feb 2008. It was incampus for 2009 passout students at SGGSIE & T ,Nanded Nearly 250 students had appeared for the test out of which 32 of them cleared. They selected 16 from them.

    Aptitude test pattern:
    Test is of 35 marks for 30 minutes.
    Negative marking of 0.25 marks per question

    1)QUANTITATIVE (20 Questions): 
    problems based on heights & distances, boats & streams, numbers, profit-loss, percentage, time n work, time n distance, allegation or mixtures, pipes & cisterns (RS Aggrawal is enough).

    Following are some question that I remembered?

    1)50 man can build a wall of 40m height 30m breadth 50m width in 20 days. then in how many days 40 man can build a wall of 30m,40m,60m?

    2)There are three pipes A,B,C . A can fill a tank in 15hours, B can fill a tank 20hours,c can empty a tank in 25 hours.a man can start a tap A at 3 o'clock B at 4 o'clock & C at 5o'clock.find at what time tank can full? (pls note ,values are incorrect).

    3) abcd = 1 then minimum possible value of (1+a)(1+b)(1+c)(1+d)?
    ans. 16

    4)Fresh grapes contain 90% water when they are dried they turn into resins containing 20% water .find how many kg of resins can be obtained from 20kg of fresh grapes
    (ans 2.5)

    5) a,a+2,a+4 are prime numbers ,then find number of possible solution of a?
    (ans. only 3 satisfies)

    6)2 boats running in opposite direction with 10 km/hr & 5 km/hr(distance between boats is given).Find distance between 2 boats ,1 min before collision?

    2)ENGLISH(15 Questions):
    Its really very very easy .Some part of sentence is underlined & we have to replace it with appropriate sentence from given options.

    NOTE: Friends I suggest u to solve English section first ,it will definitely help u, coz quantitative questions are really time consuming.

    1 hr later results were declared .After that interview session.

    There were 2 separate interviews Both the interview faced by me were technical type.

    1st interview:
    I was totally nervous ,I entered interview hall with smiling face
    I: May I come in sir
    He: Pls come in
    I: wished him good evening
    He: pls have a seat He just pass through my resume & test paper He asked me about my family background,
    I : answered it.
    He: so Mr.Pritesh how many questions did u solve today in paper?
    I: Sir, 23 questions (confidently) , 15 english & 8 from quantitative.
    He: How many other company did u appeared before & what happened in it?
    I: answered(be honest)
    He: Ok Pritesh what r ur favorite subjects?
    I: Sir , C,C++,data structure
    He: may I ask u questions from DBMS? (Actually I was not prepared with DBMS )
    I: Sir I m not prepared well with it.
    He: Whether it is completed in ur syllabus?
    I: Yes sir
    He: Then I don?t want any excuse
    I: Ok sir u may ask me ,I will answer u. He gave me a paper & told to write definition of DBMS,I wrote it & shown him immediately
    He: give me some good eg & explain it
    I: Sir our college attendance system? He stopped me & told it is common eg I want something different
    He: explain with courier service eg.
    I: explained him well
    He: what is functional key?
    I : answered
    He: which will be functional key in ur courier service eg?
    I: answered
    He: Anyway , pritesh have u played carrom.
    I: Yes sir
    He: when did u played it last time?
    I: A year ago.
    He: I want u to design a carrom game ,how u will start (Rules & graphics part is already considered)? He just wants how & what logic u will apply.
    I: Sir, first of all I will consider the speed of the striker with which it collides the coin.
    He: some other term for speed
    I: (Thought for 2 to 3min) Force He smiled & said its correct
    He: Any laws that it follows
    I: It follows all the laws of Newton (explained all) He got impressed
    He: Which subjects u will require for making these game?
    I: (Thought for moment) Only physics
    He: No, one more sub u will require ,u r learning it from 11th standard
    I: (paused for 1min) No sir ,only physics
    He: U will require geometry He explained me everything how geometry is required
    He: Will u work anywhere?
    I: Sir anywhere in INDIA
    He: Good,Ok pritesh thank u
    I: Thank u very much sir. Friends it lasted for 40 min ,Discussion on carrom game designing was more

    Then he asked me to wait outside .After 5 min I was called for next interview

    2nd INTERVIEW:
    It lasted for only 10 min. All questions on project work.

    He passed through my resume reading each & every line from it.He asked me to draw DFD of my project. I was unaware about it so I explained him brief overview of my project. My project was related to managing data of library in C++ (using file ).He told it would better if it is design using database. Then he asked me to convert the same project into new one using some database. I had done it easily.

    Both the interviews were good.I was 1 from 16 selected students ,I was very happy.KEEP FAITH IN YOURSELF ?.


    Pritesh Rohile

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