KPIT  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Priyadarshni College, Nagpur-22 Dec 2011

KPIT  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Priyadarshni College, Nagpur-22 Dec 2011

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hello friends   My name is Abhishek Agrawal and I would like to share my experience during my selection at kpit cummins infosystems.I am doing my B.E. from kits,ramtek and my branch is computer technology. I got selected in kpit on 23/12/2011 during an open campus held at priyadarshni college in Nagpur.   The selection procedure consisting of following three rounds  

    1)Aptitude test (Reasoning,English,Quantitative,c,c++,dbms)

    2) Technical interview

    3) Personal interview  

    The selection procedure starts with apti(as usual) and there were around 900 students from 8 different eng. colleges from nagpur.The standard of the questions were normal but remember there was sectional cut-off.There is no need of GD bcoz apti was totally an elimination round,only 40 out of 900 are selected for the next round.   Hey this may seems to be very tough at outset but remember "NO GAIN WITHOUT PAIN".Be calm and compose and sharpen your apti solving skills.   After apti here comes the technical round.

    Actually TI and PI sort of not sequential i.e. some have their TI first while others have PI.My PI was quite simple and HR just asked simple questions from my cv. BEWARE, remember all your college details like principal name ,chairman name etc they may ask about it.Prepare well with your CV details.  

    The last round was TI. He asked me very basic questions from c,c++,dbms,os etc.Prepare well about flowchart and symbols used in it.One more thing,do remember the name of the subjects that u have studied in the previous semester.  

    Finally when all my rounds were over the head of the HRD call me and just confirm me about my selection.I was asked to sign the offer letter the very next day and I had did it gracefully.   Now friends what I feel the most important point is to "NEVER GET DISHEARTENED".It was the 7th company that i have tried for and by GOD grace it was my last one.Have faith in urself and keep on trying,success will definitely be yours. REMEMBER,"Success is not to be measured by the position that one has reached in life,but by the obstacles that he has overcome to achieve that position."   And   "Intezaar karne walo ko sirf utna hi milta hai jitna koshish karne wale chood dete hai."GREAT LINES SAID BY: ABHISHEK V. AGRAWAL 

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