KPIT  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   IPS, Indore-21 Feb 2008

KPIT  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   IPS, Indore-21 Feb 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hello, I m Neha Upasani , final year CS student . Placed at KPIT cummins. It was a three day campus .... nearabout 1900 students were there.....150 cleared the written.......75 cleared the GD ......n finally 45 students were plced.

    Four rounds were there
    1. written(apti+english)
    2. GD
    3. TI
    4. HR

    It was quite easy for me....juss go through Rs agrawal for apti ......for english brush up grammer rules(wrenen martin will b  helpful). 

    2. GD
    My topic was effect of call centres/bpo's on todays youth . Rest of the topices were frm current issues. Try to put new pts. instead of ellaborating the older ones.......n don't make it a fish market. Try to give ur best in gd becoz the person taking ur gd may take ur HR. 

    3. TI
    In TI they ask  the basic concepts n logics....b prepared for DBMS , oops, sftwre eng , c , c++.. The interviewers in all the panels were frendly in be calm n cool while giving the answers n don't panic even if u r unable to answer any ques  . 

    4 HR
    My interview lasted for 35-40 min. HR round  simple questins were asked like:
    (1)introduce urself.
    (2)family background.
    (3)little bit of knwledge regarding kpit.
    (4)top 5 MNC;s of india.
    (5)difficulties a new commer may face in sftwre industry.
    (6)qualties a softwer professinl shud have.
    (7)y u want to join kpit.
    (8)why  w have selected u in gd n rejected others.

    Even if some luck factor is alwaz there ........its the HARDWORK which matters the most.

    All the best see u

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