KPIT  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   GMIT,DVG, Karnataka-12 Sep 2011

KPIT  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   GMIT,DVG, Karnataka-12 Sep 2011

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    7 Jan, 2012

    KPIT conducted pool campus in GMIT Davangere.

    7 colleges participated. 372 members attended for written test.

    Selection Procedure was

    1 PPT

    PPT about the company Be attentive in PPT,they asked some questions. They give some points those who answered correctly

    2.Written Test-1 hour

    a)Aptitude, Reasoning and Verbal ability-25 questions

    Sentence completetion,puzzles and some basic quant topics %, ratio ,Time ,velocity etc.,

    b)Technical-2 Papers-25 questions

    i)Embedded paper

    ii)Non electronics paper

         13 C Questions-fundamentals. Mainly on pointers, Remaining 10 questions were mainly on micro-controller(mainly on SMOD, PCON, TCON, clock frequency)and there were 2 questions on Logic design.

    They announced results after some time. 172 members were selected for interview for out station guys they conducted interview on same day and for  localities it was next day. Mine was next day I waited from morning 9am to evening 6 pm to get in to Technical round.  

    3Technical round

    There were 5 panels in Technical round, 3 for Electronics guys and 2 for Computer guys   I was in panel 3. They asked me to explain my project, I explained them for nearly half an hour they were impressed about my project Then they asked me some basic electronics questions. I answered all of them Then on C, Mainly on  structures, I answered all of them. After Technical they told me to wait outside Immediately they called for HR

    4HR interview

    HR interview was good It went nearly 20 minutes. HR gave some situation I answered it Finally HR told that "You are selected for kpit cummins" I was very happy at that moment.Totally they selected 57 members.ECE guys concentrate mainly on Project, C, MC for this company

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