John Paul DeJoria: 2011 Entrepreneurship Conference Keynote

John Paul DeJoria: 2011 Entrepreneurship Conference Keynote


As part of the 2011 GSB Entrepreneurship Conference, John Paul DeJoria, Founder of John Paul Mitchell Systems and The Patron Spirits Company, delivered a keynote address. John Paul DeJoria's rags-to-riches biography exemplifies the American dream - he is a first generation American turned entrepreneur, philanthropist, government servant, and pillar of the business community. Chapters: 1. How America Still Works 2. John Paul Mitchell: A Global Company is Born 3. Starting a Business with Little or No Money 4. How to Build Your Business 5. Product Placement and Design 6. Creative Pricing Strategies 7. Management Techniques: Maintaining a Loyal Work Force 8. Maintaining Product Integrity 9. The Paul Mitchell Culture 10. Overcoming Obstacles 11. 'The Four Agreements' 12. The Ultimate High 13. From Hair Care to Tequila 14. Student Q & A: How Street Smarts Lead to Profits 15. Student Q & A: What Kept You Going? 16. Student Q & A: Selling the Idea 17. Student Q & A: Picking the Right Partner 18. Student Q & A: Timing is Everything 19. Student Q & A: Hiring the Right Employee Related Links:

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