JKT  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Noida-19 May 2007

JKT  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Noida-19 May 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi Everyone, hallo....we are students From Bhai Parmanand Institute of business  Studies(BPIBS) a Delhi (gvt. colleg) Affiliated to I.P University, delhi. we attended the offcampus of JK Technosoft on 19th May 2007  at sector 3 Noida at their office.    

    The Jk people were looking for freshers who could work on Progress  (a Relational Database by Progress(www.progress.com)) There were around 150 - 200 people only 18 managed to clear the written.
    There were only two rounds first was a two and half hour paper  and after that there was an interview  that was taken on some other date.
    The interview included questions mainly from the same question paper.Some were asked questions from topics like:
    2.joins(inner ,outer)n difference b/w them.
    3.locking in distributed Environment.
    4.sql queries.
    5.and some basic HR ques..like tell me something about urself...bla bla...just b confident.and ya if u clear the written ur chances of getting in are almost 80%.

    WRITTEN EXAM........
    The paper consisted of 11 Questions and questions were from DBMS only
    The paper was of 100 marks and  the time alloted were two and half   hours.
    Q1) There is a company XYZ that deals with the sports goods like bats,balls,hockey,nets etc... .The company has a regular list of 10000 customers and each customer always purchases from his favourite list. he can only have 3 items in his favourite list. The company XYZ has 20 salesman that deals with the goods The company salesman has the target that he has to acheive. Now the company want to computerize this whole process. so it came out with the following essential details.
    a) customer details
    b) salesman target details
    c) items information
    d) customers order information 
    Now on the basis of the following information Answer the following Questions.
    1) Give the complete database design process of the above scenario the Database should be resolved upto 3Nf. (20)
    2) Draw ERD showing 1:1 ,1:many, many:many relationships(10)
    3) show Primary and Foreign key of each of the relations(tables) that you  make (5)
    4) Take any Relation from your design and make it in such a way that it voilates the 1Nf .(5)
    5) Does ur design has an may to many relation? if yes, how would you resolve the many:many Relations.(10)

    Q2) Emp(eid,ename)  Phone(eid,phonetype,phonenum)
    1) select the names to those employee who don't have phone(5)
    2) change the phonetype of all the employee from office to home and from home to office.
    3) there was another query which used left outer join..

    Q3) what is self join?why do we need to make self joins?
    Q4) Explain self join with the help of an example taken from Q1 or Q2
    Q5) what is deadlock. Explain with an example how it can be avoided.
    Q6) what is difference between RAD and .....
    Q7) list all the advantages of using Index.
    Q8) what is  the difference between Having and where clause give eg.
    Q9) what are the various disadvantages associated with using index
    Q10) Explain Optimistic and Pessimistic Locking.In which case optimistic is used and when pessimistic is used?(10)
    Q11)what is denormalization? when do we need to perform denormalization?
    Wishing everyone a bright career
    Santosh joshi and Arun Sen

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