JKT  Placement Paper   General - Other   -2 Aug 2008

JKT  Placement Paper   General - Other   -2 Aug 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hello friends, I have appeared for JKT written exam held on 2nd aug,2008 for MCA recruitments.
    It was subjective paper containing 3 sections
    1st section was of OOPS
    2nd section contained questions of RDBMS
    3rd was of passage writing

    I remembered some of the questions that I can share with u. As per their presentation after get thru with written exam.. qualified candidates will face GD and interview at their premises. They were offering 2.4 lakh per annum as starting with the bond of 30 months.
    Ques1. What are virtual functions?(3)
    Ques2. Difference between data abstraction and encapsulation(4)
    Ques3. what are inline functions?(3)
    Ques4. Are the constructors can be virtual? Give reasons(4)
    Ques5. Difference between classes and interface?(4)
    Ques6. Difference between structure and classes? when to use what?(4 marks)
    Ques7. what are proxy objects?
    Ques 8. if we have one base class having one virtual function, how can we call that function with the help of
    derived class?(5 marks)
    Ques9. what are the possible ways to call base class function without creating its objects?(2 marks)
    Ques10. What are the difference between early binding and late binding?(3 marks)
    Ques11. what is polymorphism? What are the different types of polymorphism?
    Ques12. (4 marks)

    3 or 4 simple code segments were there. They were related with virtual functions and constructors, inheritance and function overloading. we have to write their outputs with justifications. they are for 5 marks

    section 2nd
    2 relational schema was given
    Ques1. Create Emp such that it violates 1nf.(4 marks)
    Ques2. Write a single SQL query to all display names of all the employees whose  managers salary is greater than 20,000(5)
    Ques3. find the names of all employees who are manager.(5)
    Ques4. find all department name having at least three employee(5)
    Ques5.what are the terminologies use in Agile methodology(4 marks)
    Ques6. what are the disadvantages of over normalization?(3 marks)
    Ques7. what are the values of functional analysis point for simple, complex, intermediate code segments.

    Section 3
    We have write a paragraph on ? terrorism and its impact on global economy?(10 marks).

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