Jindal  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Anand Engineering College,Agra-04 Oct 2009

Jindal  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Anand Engineering College,Agra-04 Oct 2009

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Hiiiiiii Frndssssss this is Namit Maurya?

    Today I m  going to show u the pattern in which JINDAL STEEL & POWER LTD. conducted there written test for the year 2009 on 4th October?I m confident that it will help u out?My result is still awaited..

    The test consisted of 115 questions in 115 minutes?so the time was quite less so you have to be very fast. As there was no negative marking, you have to attempt maximum questions?

    There were two sections?

    1.       TECHNICAL.

    2.       NON-TECHNICAL.

    TECHNICAL SECTION consisted of 60 questions ( 5 were based on diagram)

    It consisted of following questions :-

    1.       The process of joining two metals is? sintering, thumbling, coining?

    2.       Ratchet is provided in micrometer screw gauge to-maintain uniform pressure?

    3.       Strain energy is -the energy stored up to elastic limit..

    4.       Taper angle is measured by-Sine bar, bevel protector?

    5.       A centrifugal governor is ? Hartnell, Porter, Proell?

    6.       Numerical on Gate design?

    7.       Equivalent length in saw is measured from- start point to finish point, from first teeth to last teeth?

    8.       Anemometer is used for measuring- temperature of air, velocity of air, viscosity of fluid?

    9.       In neutral equilibrium position of meta center is- coincides with center of gravity..

    10.   If young?s modulus increases what is the change on thermal coefficient of expansion..?

    11.   Kaplan turbine- low head, high discharge..

    12.   Strain- (L-l)/L..

    13.   Economisor is used for-pre heating feed water..

    14.   In reciprocating compressor clearance is provided for- cushioning effect and saves the piston from hitting the cylinder head..

    15.   Function of governor is- maintain a constant speed in parting load conditions..

    16.   Heat Transfer from hot body to cold body takes place without affecting intervening medium is-radiation..

    17.   When conduction will not take place-when temp. of both bodies are equal..

    18.   Which of these defines pitch circle diameter-circular pitch, module,diametral pitch(all of these)..

    19.   Which of these governor is known as dead weight governor- Portor governor..

    20.   Property which resist elastic deformation-stiffness..

    21.   Continuous beam is a beam with- more than 2 supports..

    22.   More than two supports is known as continuous beam..

    23.   For self locking of screw-helix angle > friction angle..

    24.   Involute profile is preferred in gears as-it transmits maximum power..

    25.   The gear which resists axial thrust-herringbone gears..

    26.   For large power transmission, square threads- wear out, less efficient, production is costly..

    27.   The weakest part in flange coupling is-key..

    28.   Cage is provided in ball bearing to ?keep balls in position..

    29.   When a mass of critically damped style, degree of freedom of system is deflected from its equilibrium position and then it is released then-it will oscillate with increasing time period.

    30.   30(+0.05)(-0.03) is- bilateral type of tolerance..

    31.   Numerical on hoop?s stress?

    32.   When a cylinder is compressed over another then-hoop stress is reduced..

    NON-TECHNICAL SECTION consisted of 55 Questions.

    VERBAL(20 questions) consisted of 10 questions on comprehension.

                                                5 questions on word meanings, synonym.

                                                5 questions on fill in the blanks with articles.

    NON-VERBAL (15 questions) consisted of 10 questions on data interpretation and number perception.

    QUANT(20 questions) consisted of questions based on Ratio and Proportion (4 Q), Profit and Loss, Percentage, Time and Work (2 Q), Average (1 Q), allegation and mixtures (1 Q).

    Some questions which appeared in 2009

    1.       2589324564295834259

    How many 2?s are just after an odd digit?

    2.       ?+? is for ?*????..?-? is for ?+??.?*? for ?/???.?/? for ?-??

    Then solve?2+8/9*7

    3.       M for multiplication, D for division, A for Addition, S for substration

    Then solve?




    Namit Maurya

    Mechanical Engineering 2009 passout?

    Anand Engineering College, Agra


    9307948553, 9310820349..


    Remain in touch..i will help you for ONGC and BHEL also?.All the best for your future?.               

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