Jindal  Placement Paper   Technical - Other   OSIT, Bhopal-21 Nov 2010

Jindal  Placement Paper   Technical - Other   OSIT, Bhopal-21 Nov 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Friends,
    Jindal Written exam:
    60 objective in electrical domain 
    * Numerical ability: 20
    * Verbal ability: 20
    * Detailed questions: 15

    Some of questions include.

    1) Resistance is inversely proportional to.

    2) During Peak load which Plant is operated
    a) Hydro  b) Disel  c) Nuclear  d) Steam

    3) Which Power plant is environment friendly

    4) Fourier transform of continuous sine wave is.

    5) In complex domain which transform is used.

    6) When Scr is reverse biased how many junctions are reverse biased?

    7) 3 phase 4 wire system is used in ----- distribution

    8) Inside a hollow metal cylinder electric field is proportional to.

    9) In demorgans theorem complement of A&B is.

    10) In full wave rectifier average and rms values of current are

    11) MOS in depletion mode act as.

    12) G(s)=2/(s+1)(s+3) in time domain is equivalent to.
    13) Positional error constant is given by.

    14) In root locus the point of intersection on imaginary line is given by (Routh's criterion)

    15) If damping ratio increases peak overshoot(decreases)

    16) In 3phase slip ring induction motor no. of slip rings equal to.

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