Jindal  Placement Paper   General - Other   BEC College, Bagalkot.-23 Sep 2008

Jindal  Placement Paper   General - Other   BEC College, Bagalkot.-23 Sep 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    There were totally 3 rounds for the selection of candidates.
    1. Technical Aptitude.
    2. G.D
    3. Technical cum H.R.

    1. Technical aptitude.
    In this section there were totally 50 technical questions, with 4 options for each question, depending on different branches. Time duration was 45 min.  Some of the questions I remember are. ??.
    1. Which metal/alloy is used in railway tracks _____ ?
    2. Hydraulic press works on the principle ______?
    3. If e=0 body is said to be ______?
    4. Which has max poisons ratio ______ ?
    5. Coplanar, concurrent forces equilibrium eqn ______.?
    6. For simply supported beam with load at midspan bending moment is given by eqn _______?
    7. In I.C Engine petrol efficiency is given by ________ Number?
    8. Emissivity of white body at all temperature & pressure is______?
    9. Rod is manufactured using ______ process?
    10. In ball bearing which is harder ______  ?
    11. Equilibrium eqn for non-coplanar, concurrent forces _______  ?
    12. An ice cube is placed in a glass filled with water, when the ice cube melts the level of water will be ______?
    13. On burning chemical fuel which energy  will release _______?
    14. Which has +ve displacement ________?
    15. Governor hunting is ______?

    Some more questions on SOM, DOM etc?

    2 G. D
    It was second and main round of selection process. There were 10 groups each    containing 10 students. Time for each group was 10 min. Some of the topics are?
    1. Global warming.
    2. Effects of media/ movies on mass.
    3. Should T-20 include in Olympics.
    4. should big three Sachin, Dravid, Ganguli retire from international cricket?
    5. Should sex education include in syllabus?
    6. Reality of real shows.

    3 Technical cum H.R round               
    There were one technical person for each penal. They asked about family background, about education, etc. It was not difficult they were very friendly. They asked very simple questions on basic subjects. I was asked only 4 simple questions on SOM.
    Finally now I?m in Jindal after facing all rounds successfully.I am very thankful to fresher world.com I got lot of info from it

    Wishing u all the best?.

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