Jindal  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   New Delhi-16 May 2009

Jindal  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   New Delhi-16 May 2009

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Well i could clear Jindal because i got to know the test pattern. Time mangmnt etc frm other snrs from this wbsite hence i would forward some exprience too.

    1 Clearing Jindal written is all about time mangement though people have the concept they just forgt abt time... i remember jst before 10 min the person in front of me ...was still doing aptitude....and the rest he jst put the qstn paper aside put some b for all....watch ur time its better i thnkto use a watch 
    written was easy techical was manily frm ntws and machines... and measurements thry and small prblms...
     and apti i thk rs agarwal
     Profit and loss
    Ratio  n proportion
    pblms on ages 
    Reasoning  again rs agarwal  is enuf not req actually if u have time only then go for it but the above mentioned topics r must...they were simple but just  practise  we r so used to calci tht doing calculations quickly ..we might lose touch. 
    technical intrvw
    hr intrvw 
    gd my topic was "Examination- Is it ruining Education"
    they'll give us a paper with smtnhg written abt the topic- DONT READ IT!
    u'll just waste ur time...they were some people who went on reading it n even before they cud cmplete the hr said lets strt...and they got no time to think abt their pts..or wht they shd speak..so forget the paper and thnk 2or 3 major ideas abt what u woud want to discuss.... for exmp for above topic  i said yes  and spoke abt the corporate culture..and how even schools are craving for ranks..n how on the contrary india is well known for cndctng high calibre exms like CAT tetc...some othr gd topics were
    1 capital punishment
    2 Casteless society 
    Technical interview
    i was the last person in this panel..hence the interviewer got vexed up i guess.... he was actually groping for questions...
    he askd me one or two thts it 
    Hr intrvw
    Well ...this took real long...he intrvwd me for quite sometime....friendly no serious pressure ..but the other hr was'nt  so ..qstns were general abt urself famly.. , they get an idea of what kind of persn u are.. be careful and dont give them unnecessary facts...and  dont blabber a lot u shud also assure them that u r independent in nature
    Well good luck! the very fact that u are checking freshers world implies  u are half way thru...and also jindal is a very long and tentative process  i wrote the written exam on oct 4 and i got selected finally on 23 Jan. All the best and frgt to frwd ur exprnc too...

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