Jindal  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Ghaziabad-17 Feb 2008

Jindal  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Ghaziabad-17 Feb 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi...........Friends I am Bagesh Mishra Of ABES Engineering College, Ghaziabad.
    I got an offer from Jindal Steel & Power Limited. I want to give total selection process with placement paper. I am from Applied Electronics & Instrumentation dept. Test held on 17th Feb,2008...............

    Aptitude test organised by Merit Track. The whole paper was divided into two sections first contains three parts which include English, aptitude and reasoning. This section is worth of 45 minutes, timing of each section in this is divided, English was very easy filling appropriate articles and two passages one was very easy and other was normal. While doing paper Be careful of time factor as each section was automatically submitted as the time was over try to attempt all questions.

    Then second section contains 60 technical questions and the time allotted will be 60 minutes. Study your core subjects such as transducers, power electronics, digital, microprocessors, micro controllers, and some basic electrical concepts. The question paper also includes some biomedical question. Some were related to the instruments don?t study more just have basic knowledge of your subjects and u will clear written.

    After written they call short listed candidates for interview and GD round. These both rounds are evaluation. The candidate has to go through both rounds and the evaluation process depends on 40% written, 20% GD and 40% interview. That means you will be awarded with some marks in all the rounds and the result will be disclosed on the basis of all.

    GD:- it was very cool in my time the topic was given that  ?education is mandatory for success or not?. There were some other topics such as ?Effect of IT market on India?. Remember one thing that if your GD interview process is not on the first day then ask to the ones who have gone through they usually do not change their GD topics. Be cool they give 5 minutes for preparing your topic and give opportunity to every one to conclude. Try to initiate but if not so try to be part of group on second or third. Do not speak too much they also check your listening skills. So be cool and think as you are discussing some topic in your room with your some friends and you will clear GD round.
    Interview:- have a smile on your face
    Mine one
    Me: may I come in sir.
    Sir: come in and be seated.
    Then he asked me after looking towards my profile that whether I am pursuing my B.Tech and asked about my passing out time.
    Me: replied in a polite manner and told
    Sir: tell me some thing about your training
    Me :told then he asked some technical questions about my training as I have done training on UPS so he asked me about invertors, batteries, working of online and offline Ups and some more questions

    Then he entered in my project asked some questions regarding them so be careful of your end semester training and final year project then he asked some basic questions such as what is resistor, inductor, how you will measure temperature, flow just basic principle, about thermocouples etc.

    So be prepared with your basics and have confidence on you. 

    Bagesh mishra                                                                                                                                                   

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