IOCL  Company Profile

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Objectives & Obligations

    • To serve the national interests in oil and related sectors in accordance and consistent with Government policies.
    • To ensure maintenance of continuous and smooth supplies of petroleum products by way of crude oil refining, transportation and marketing activities and to provide appropriate assistance to consumers to conserve and use petroleum products efficiently.
    • To enhance the country's self-sufficiency in crude oil refining and build expertise in laying of crude oil and petroleum product pipelines.
    • To further enhance marketing infrastructure and reseller network for providing assured service to customers throughout the country.
    • To create a strong research&development base in refinery processes, product formulations, pipeline transportation and alternative fuels with a view to minimizing/eliminating imports and to have next generation products.
    • To optimise utilisation of refining capacity and maximize distillate yield and gross refining margin.
    • To maximise utilisation of the existing facilities for improving efficiency and increasing productivity.
    • To minimise fuel consumption and hydrocarbon loss in refineries and stock loss in marketing operations to effect energy conservation.
    • To earn a reasonable rate of return on investment.
    • To avail of all viable opportunities, both national and global, arising out of the Government of India?s policy of liberalisation and reforms.
    • To achieve higher growth through mergers, acquisitions, integration and diversification by harnessing new business opportunities in oil exploration&production, petrochemicals, natural gas and downstream opportunities overseas.
    • To inculcate strong ?core values? among the employees and continuously update skill sets for full exploitation of the new business opportunities.
    • To develop operational synergies with subsidiaries and joint ventures and continuously engage across the hydrocarbon value chain for the benefit of society at large.
    Financial Objectives

    • To ensure adequate return on the capital employed and maintain a reasonable annual dividend on equity capital.
    • To ensure maximum economy in expenditure.
    • To manage and operate all facilities in an efficient manner so as to generate adequate internal resources to meet revenue cost and requirements for project investment, without budgetary support.
    • To develop long-term corporate plans to provide for adequate growth of the Corporation?s business.
    • To reduce the cost of production of petroleum products by means of systematic cost control measures and thereby sustain market leadership through cost competitiveness.
    • To complete all planned projects within the scheduled time and approved cost.

    • Towards customers and dealers:- To provide prompt, courteous and efficient service and quality products at competitive prices.

    • Towards suppliers:- To ensure prompt dealings with integrity, impartiality and courtesy and help promote ancillary industries.

    • Towards employees:- To develop their capabilities and facilitate their advancement through appropriate training and career planning. To have fair dealings with recognised representatives of employees in pursuance of healthy industrial relations practices and sound personnel policies.

    • Towards community:- To develop techno-economically viable and environment-friendly products. To maintain the highest standards in respect of safety, environment protection and occupational health at all production units.

    • Towards Defence Services:- To maintain adequate supplies to Defence and other para-military services during normal as well as emergency situations.
    Vision with Values

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