InterraSystems  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Noida-20 Aug 2010

InterraSystems  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Noida-20 Aug 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    It was an off-campus interview for the position of Sr. Engineer.
    The placement procedure consisted of the following rounds-

    1. Written Test- Consisting of Technical (12 ques) + Aptitude (8 ques) - Duration: 1hr 10 mins
    2. 1st Technical Interview - Duration - 1hr 30 mins , C++ basisc, time and space complexed algos for trees, arrays, lists etc; puzzles
    3. 2nd techincal Interview - Duration: 30 mins, C++ basis, 2 programs,puzzle
    4. HR Interview: Background check, Academic check, career aspiration, salary negotiations Duration- 30 mins
    5. Interview with CEO: Discussions about my profile, work culture, company history, recreational activities, salary negotiations Duration - 2 hrs
    6. Job Offer made
    I could not recall all the questions, whatever I could recall I have added it below-

    Written Test (Tecnical):
    (1) What is the output of the following program-

    int func()
        static int i = 4;
        return i;

    void main()
        int i = 0;
        for (i = 0; i < 4; i++)
            printf("%d\n", func());


    (2) Write a program to find the first non- repeating element in a string. For example- if the string is "interra", the function should return i.
    (3) Program for pre order traversal of tree?
    (4) Find the m th element from the end in a linked list. 0th element from the last is the last element in the linked list.
    (5) Which of the following sorting algo, will never be O(n^2), even in the worst case- Bubble , Heap, Quick?

    Written Test (Aptitude):
    (1) question related to string if "xxxxxxx" is "yyyyyyy", if "aaaaaa" is "bbbbbb", then "zzzz" is ? . It was a multiple choice question with 4 options. It was very simple.
    (2) there is a square of unit length. there are 5 points which can lie inside or on the booundary of square. Find the maximum distance that can be between two points.
    Ans: Maximum distance will be equal to the length of diagonal, ie sqrt(2).
    There are 100 closed lockers in a hall, and 100 students. Student 1 
    walks down the hall and opens all 100 lockers. Student 2 closes all
    even-numbered lockers. Student 3 looks at every third locker (a
    multiple of 3), and if it is open closes it, or vice-versa (this
    student changes the condition of the locker). Student 4 repeats the
    action of student 3, but only changes the condition of lockers that
    are a multiple of 4. This goes on with every student doing the same
    routine for his or her number.

    After 100 students go through, how many lockers are open?
    Answer: 10, To view the solution we can use the following applet

    (4) (2x + 1)^3 + (2y + 1)^3 = (2r + 1)^3; Find the value of x, y and r.

    Technical interview 1:
    (1) class representation of an electrical circuit consisting of registers, capacitors and inductors.
    (2) program to find the mirror image of a tree
    (3) C++ basic questions like virtual functions, overloading, overriding, inheritance etc
    (4) A person is tossing coins at point A and the outcome is being stored in a string like "HHTTTTHTHTTTT...", where H = Head, T = Tail, now we need to send this information over the network in a way so that minimum bandwidth is occupied.
    (5) There is an array of 0's and 1's. We need to sort the array in a minimum time coplexity.
    (6) Find the intersection of linked list.
    (7) there is an sorted array A with n element, sorted array B with m elements, such that n >m. We have an empty array C with n+ m elements. We have to fill the array C in sorted order with minimum time complexity.
    (8) there is an sorted array A with n + m element. The 1st n elements are in sorted order and the last m elements are empty. sorted array B with m elements. We have to fill the array A in sorted order with minimum time complexity.
    (9) allocate memory dynamically with 2 dimentional array like int arr[n][m].
    (10) What is the difference between new and malloc.
    (11) Difference between compiler and intepretor?
    (12) Vending machine problem. Vending machine has three functions for making coffee, tea and milk, but each of the function is wrongly labbeled. Find the maximum number of button presses that will be used to recognize the correct functions of each of the button?

    Technical Interview 2:
    (1) Reversing of a linked list?
    (2) Some basic questions about C++.

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