Integra  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   delhi,kalkaji-22 Aug 2006

Integra  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   delhi,kalkaji-22 Aug 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012

     Integra micro (p) Lmtd.Banglore  exam on 22 aug 06-sample paper


    Written xam :1)appititude-50 questions Time:45min

                          2)technical-25 question     Time :30min

                          3)program writing-3 question  Time:30min


    The criteria/eligibility for getting through wid aptitude is 65+% ,onl wen u r thru wid appti then u r given technical paper,







    2)a flow chart given u hav to put given values into it n find out the answer.

    On this flow chart there r 4 questions just appy the given value n fin answer.

    3)is based on some hockey team 14 r wearing team shirts n 9 r wearing team trousers how many of them r wearing full team dress??

    4) is on logic reasoning


    there is a XYZ company it carries 3 personnel?s in library dept. ABC and 5 personnel?s DEFGH in mng. dept. ,it needs to set up another office and require staff from these 8 personnel?s 2 from library dept. and 3 from mng. Dept.?


    some data is given on them that follows like this:


    a)      A and C fight each other so they cannot b together.

    b)      D and F cannot b wid each other

    c)      D and E never had a talk wid each other so they cannot coordinate.

    d)      So on??


    There were 4-5 questions on it .


    5)if the avg. of  7 numbers is 5, and avg. of another 5 number is 7,what is the avg. of 12 numbers?


    6) from how many balls can u make a 4 tier- 3 sided pyramid?





    e) none of these


    7)data records is collection of






    ans :fields


    8)which protocol is used for sending mail on internet?






    ans: smpt


    9)3 question on series completion????


    10)micro processor 8086 is ------ bit processor?

    Ans :16 bit


    11)the parallel interface is:

    a) signal broken into bits and sent 1 by 1 on single line.

    b)Used to connect printer.



    e)none of these.

    Ans: none of these.


    12)select the odd one out:









    13)2 more questions on data::


    {a} suppose there r 1-10 number in sequence a b c d e f g h, not in that order


    a)d is 3 less than a.

    b)b is in middle.

    c)f is much less than a, and g is greater than f



    4 question on this data.


    {b} seating arrangement.

    4 question on it.

    14) question on simple solving  13and 15 r two number that gives remiender 1 when divided by a number? Ans:4


    15)  1 question on work time photocopier prints ?number of copies, if efficiency dec/inc by some % then hw many copies ?


    16) Rest r very very easy questions u need not worry, even there is  no need  to study thoroughly practice these type of questions just n just. Rest is on your mental ability

    , don?t worry abt time; time is sufficient for type of paper.

    I hav put my best to jot down all sorts of questions rest ne help can contact me on my mail id.




    Part is not based on any c /c++ basis it is general wat u hav done in ur curriculum during engg?

    25 questions 30 min cutt off is very low


    1)      2) 3) r on tree

          ans:1)inorder traversal{leftnode,root,rightnode}

                2)post order traversal{leftnode,rightnode,root}

                3)preorder traversal{root,leftnode,rightnode}


    4)is a C sinnpet:ans :none of these


    5)CRC is used for ans:detection of errors

    6)hash table used for ?ans:quick access

    7) n 8) is on ven diagram ?

    ans : 7) 11



    9)semaphore is used for

    ans:synchronization of processes.


    10)based on binary operator\?

    11)based on turing machine?

    12)based on unix ?

    ans :execute permission is used for searching .

    13)based on theory of computation subject(TOC)

    14)based on data base

    15)general questions ..





    programming part

    3 questions 30 min


    1)based on sorting 100 numbers

    2)count the number of lines and if number of lines having character count >72.



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