Infosys  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   UCoE, Punjabi University, Patiala-13 Jun 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   UCoE, Punjabi University, Patiala-13 Jun 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi Friends, This is Maheep here from UCoE, Punjabi University, Patiala. Infosys visited our campus on 13th june, 2007 and recruited 87 students out of 219 (shortlisted 126 in written test) who were eligible. Luckily, with Gods grace, i was one of them.

    It was a 2-day program:-
    13th - Presentation and written test
    14th - HR interviews 

    Listen carefully, whatever the presenter has to offer. From company details to its structure, company stats. to its latest achievements.......listen v. carefully. Not only it will tell you about the company but also it will enlighten you on all the traits that it is lookin 4 in an INFOSCION. It will give you the knowledge that you ought to know about the company.

    Written Test:-
    It consisted of two parts:-
    1.) Logical Aptitude (Verbal and Non-Verbal)
    There were a total of 30 questions which we had to do in 40 min. First 5 questions were on CUBES. A cube was given and its faces were painted with different colours and we had to answer all 5 of  'em  based on the given information.VERY SIMPLE....take this as a GIFT!!

    Next 5 questions were on Figure Matrix..i.e. relating to figures.We had to find from the options which figure would follow the figure series given in the question....required spontaneity of mind.Some were easy while others were a bit difficult.

    Next 5 were on Data Sufficiency.Again very easy...Take these as a gift!! There was no direct queston on blood realations as such but it came indirectly in data sufficiency.

    Then, next 5 questions were on DI(Data Interpratation). It was very difficult.No 'R.S. Aggarwal' would suffice to crack DI.Must practise from CAT material.

    Next 5 were based on a PUZZLE(George J. Summers type).It was easy but time-consuming.R S Aggarwal would suffice.
    Last 5 questions were the easiest of the lot. It was on Deductive Logic (Syllogism). Free marks coming your way!!

    NOTE: no QUANT.

    All in all the paper wasnt that tough but it required a hell lot of concentration.No doubt, anyone would have solved it if given unlimited time.But then again its the time contraint that makes a difference.Concentration and Spontaneity of mind are the key words to focus upon. Jus go through the above topics from 'Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning' by R.S. Aggarwal.
    I think 2 days of hard work is more than enough to do these many topics. (I myself spent jus 2 days on it!!!)

    2.) English 
    I, personally, found it easy.But since i have to go with the majority, yeah people had problems answering these questions. I think if u read newspapers and converse in Eng. regularly i dont think it should turn out to be a hurdle. It had 40 questions which we had to do in 30 min. More or less, CAT pattern.2 RCs(total of 10 questions) and rest were all contextual based questions like 'to find the most appropriote from the option.........'

    Still if you had to prepare something  revise Tenses and Prepositions from 'Wren and Martins'

    MY personal expereince - u dont need more than 2 days to prepare for its test.(CONSTANT and SINCERE effort each day should do the trick!!)

    HR Inerviews:-
    There were 6 panels, each had its own way of taking the interview.If one was stressing on Puzzles, the other bothered with GK and Curent Affairs.One was also goin towards technical side(just on basics..need not worry!!) while the other was stuck with ur resume and hobbies.

    Which panel in store for you was on luck!!! i got the panel that stressed upon puzzles and resume.
    few questions he asked:-
    Introduce yourself?
    Family background? Your father's qualification?
    questionnaire on your achievements?
    Then he gave me a situation that if i were to organize a declamation contest, how will i?
    Asked a bit about hobbies.
    Then he gave me 2 puzzles(1 was a situation and the the other was an alphanumeric problem like we have in CAT)
    Note: no puzzles were from Shakuntala Devi (if you are smart they are OVERsmart!!!!)
    then he asked me if i had any questions from my side. 

    To be honest, SELF-BELIEF CONFIDENCE COMMUNICATION SKILS are the key words to crack an INFY interview.

    They dont stress on your technical knowledge (they know they will make you technically sound durin trainin) Whatever happens you jus dont have to lose your cool.Jus stay calm an answer confidently. 

    Remember 2 things:

    Anyways, that jus does it as far as my experience goes.


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