Infosys  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Thakur College Of Engg,Mumbai-15 Feb 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Thakur College Of Engg,Mumbai-15 Feb 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    hey ppl, got placed in infy on 15th of feb...I think our college was d first 1 infy visited for d batch of 2008 in mumbai university..

    the placement procedure was as follows...

    1.PRE PLACEMENT TALK(around 90 min)

    This is kind of an introduction to d company and d work it does,its vision,the fields its involved in,the places its present...and so on...pls pay attention to what is being said...they may ask u something frm it during the interview..

    2.FORM FILLING.(30 min)

    After the presentation ,we were taken to a classroom where we were made 2 fill a form.The form included all d personal details and stuff.....the most important section there is d marks.fill it up accurately.


    the aptitude test was for 40 min and had 30 questions.infy has stopped asking puzzles in its aptitude the test pattern is similar to d CAT actually there were 6 sections...each having 5 questions...all were multiple choice questions and there was NO negative marking.

    i dont remember exactly but d frst question was lik....

    maruti produces 2 cars...maruti 800 and zen.there are 4 mechanics 5 assemblers and 2 quality checkers.each of them works for 8 hrs a day.maruti 800 reqiures 20 min for a mechanic 2 work on it,30 min for a assembler and 1hr for a quality checker while for zen its 20,30,40 respectively(numbers may not b exact,but d imp thing here is to see d type of questions).

    so1.wat is max no. of cars dat can bproduced in a day?

    2.if 1 extra assembler is added wat is d increase in production of xen?

    3.if 5 maruti 800 are already produced ,how many more zen can b produced?

    next five were d symbols and finding d odd 1 out....this was easy.. then der was data sufficiency,some questions on percentages and logical reasoning(venn diagrams)

    they provided a rough sheet...pls solve d problems on d sheet...even if u go wrong they check d sheet...if u were very close to d ans...they giv due least thats wat ive heard..

    after that the took the apti question paper...the ans paper remained with us and den provided us with d english paper that had 40 questions and was for 35 min... english is really easy...its lik solving a 10th std question paper...there were 2 passages,and find d appropriate sentence type questions... 1 imortant thing is dat english gets over within 20-25 write some questions fronm d aptitude test on ur rough sheet...then u can solve it once ur english paper is really helps...

    After 2 hrs dey declared d results...out of 200 candidates 53 were selected for d interview.


    d interview aint any trouble at all.u just hav 2 b cool and slightly confident...believe me thats all it takes...enter d room walking straight...dont slouch..and sit only wen asked too....there was just 1 interviewer during my interview.

    some of d questions were..

    1.tell me something abt urself and ur family.
    2.y do u wanna join infosys?
    3strength and weakness..
    4.what r ur hobbies? u surf d net?if yes...den wat do u surf?
    6.r u ready 2 leave bombay?
    7.some puzzles/...dont worry if u cant answer dem...they just see ur approach...and dont giv up instantly...try doin something....anything...just dont giv up 2 early..
    8.10 uses of a stapler..
    9do u wanna ask me any question?
    the interview is generally around 20 min...and unless some real bad prob occurs during d interview ...ur sure 2 b selected...around 85% ppl are ur main priority shld b clearing d apti..

    hope this article helped u...all d best..


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