Infosys  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Sydenham College , Mumbai-4 Feb 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Sydenham College , Mumbai-4 Feb 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi Guys...I am Rupak Singh from Mumbai. I had my Infosys test on 4th February 2007 at Sydenham College in Mumbai The test was of two sections as had been described by othr users too.

    The logical section was a bit lengthy but very easy. I was prepared for the question on cubes but unfortunately it wasnt in the paper.

    The most time consuming question was based on graph reading....It showed the no. of gastroenteritis , cholera, diarohhea, and tuberculosis patients for three years...94-96. It involved calculations tht was very much time consuming so I advise to u solve this question last if it comes in ur paper.

    The English section was very easy. Questions were:
    2 passages...the lengthy one on Mona Lisa and Leonardo Da Vinci...just read the questions before u start reading the passage and thn mark down the anwsers as u come across thm while reading the passage...saves a lot of time this way

    The other shorter passage was on the allotment of agricultural lands for SEZz in West Bengal...very easy 1...Other questions were like: Select the incorrect statement, Replace the phrase with a more suitable 1, just 1 vocabulary question.

    The placement papers posted on this site helped me a lot.
    All you need to crack the test is the book 'Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning' by R.S. Agarwal. and practice.

    Interview was on the next day,i.e., 5th February 2007, at Raheja Chambers, Nariman Point, Mumbai.
    It was an HR interview with two guys on the panel
    Question asked were:
    1.Tell us about yourself.
    2.Hobbies...i said collecting coins and reading...1 of them asked wht is the person whose hobby is to collect coins called??...(Ans:Numismatist)
    3.Why do u want to join IT industry(i am from telecom)
    4.How will you cope up with the intensive training ?
    5.What did u do in the last six months? (appeared for Army Selection rejected in medical examnation)
    6.Did u do ne courses ? (No)
    7.Why ur % decreased steadily frm 10th to B.E. ?

    8.Puzzle 1: you are driving thru a forest devoid of of the tyres gets punctured...while replacing it the screws get lost....u dnt hve xtra screws....u hve to take ur car with u frm there....thrs no 1 thr for miles...Wht will u do ?
    (Remove 1 screw from each of the remainin tyres and use them to screw in the new tyre)

    9.Puzzle 2: Ypu are standing in an empty room. A bulb hanging by a thread from the ceiling is touching the top of ur head. You hve a stopwatch. How will u calculate the height of the room ?....They asked me to think aloud, to tell thm the ideas coming to my mind.
    (Set the bulb in oscillations by swinging it like a pendulum. Calculate the time period using stopwatch. formula is t = 2*pi*sqrt.(l/g), l = length of the thread. Now height of room = My height + length of thread)

    10.Wht do u do in ur spare time (read, listen to music)
    Do u surf net(yes)
    Which sites(google, indiatimes)
    Hve u visited infosys website?(yes)
    So what do u know abt infosys(told them whtevr i hd not forget to mention finaccle...their flagship product)
    How many Infosys DC(development centres) are thr in India? (9)

    11.Do u want to ask us somethin?(yes)
    Me:Why is every1 being sent to Mysore (They: its the biggest trainin center and DC)
    Me:2 yrs back every1 was sent to Pune for trainin..wht was the reason then ?(They: Thr wd hve been some specific reason at tht time)

    12.Wd u b comfortable workin at any of the centres in India (Yes) Thats it..

    The ppl with experience had to go thru anothe interview in which they were asked why do they want to quit the current job ?...You'll get 18000pm here which is less thn what some of them were still u want to join Infosys ?

    They chk ur communication skills, confidence level, attitude in the interview...doesnt matter if u cant answer evn a single puzzle or if u dnt know nethin about Infosys..just be confident(but not overconfident, mind you...they dnt like that), keep a positive attitude....and you'll surely make it..

    I ws told tht the I will informed within 3 weeks if I got selected or not.. But I got the email on 9th February 2007....just 4 days aftr the Interview...joinin date 20th March, Mysore...

    Best of luck to all the ppl appearin for u need a weeks preparation and confidence....dnt let this opportunity miss as I think Infy is the only company whr u dnt hve to go thru a technical interview...

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