Infosys  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   St.francis College,Hyderabad-13 Jan 2008

Infosys  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   St.francis College,Hyderabad-13 Jan 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends, I am SRAVANI.Hope all are doing well.. I attended Infosys off campus written test on 13/01/08 Sunday at hyderabad ..and got through the test and attended interview on 14/01/08 at INFOSYS campus.. Test results 'll be announced in 3 to 4 weeks as they said. Nearly 600 attended for wriiten and 65 are short listed..

    So, Here s the pattern of the written test I attended. No puzzles are asked in the written test. The pattern is changed now.. The test consists of two sections, Logical Reasoning and Verbal Ability.


    One week Serious preparation is enough to get through written test..Time management is very important..for dat only ?PRACTISE? is the best thing.

    cutoff for Reasoning section is ?15? and verbal is ?20?

    1.Logical section:  

    1.a puzzle was given (ROMAN Numbers puzzle)

    I=1,v=5,D=50,C=100,x=1000?and da procedure to solve dem was also given briefly find da value of

    1.dxcvixcv (not exactly)  and some options were given

    2.which of da following represent 1995 and some options were given Like dese 5 questions were given..which are very simple.. But be careful during da calculations.. Try to check dem once again fastly ,.


    2. 5 questions on figures..

    4 figures were given and we must find da next one..

    Very easy figures..if u haqd practiced atleast some questions in RS Agarwal.


    3. 5 Data sufficiency questions

    1.wen will da 2trains coming in opposite direction will cross each other if da speed of one train is 30

    a) average speeds of both tarins is 50

    b)sum of lengths of trains is 1000 (not exactly) and some more questions on Data sufficiency  ..i didn?t remember dem .. 


    4. 5 questions on Data Interpretation on bar graphs

    Not very difficult calculations..

    Prepare RS Agarwals?s Aptitude book for dis section


    5. 5questions based on puzzle..

    Prepare puzzle test in RS agarwal Reasoning book.. Once u form a table..u can easily answer 5 questions..dont think dat dese takes a lot of time.  P,Q,R,S,T,U,V were friends..dey study in three different colleges X,Y,Z?among dem 4 are male nd 3 are female..two of dem study commerce,one arts ,one science.. And some more clues..


    6.simple questions on syllolgism..

     Prepare dem by logical venn diagram method..den u don?t need to remember all da 9 rules..for me its very simple need even logical venn diagram..  

    1.A enters a room.B leaves da room

    A)A is in da room

    B)A is not in da room

    C)B is in da room

    D)B is not in da room

    options are

    a) AB            b)AD             c)BC             D)BD

    and da answer is ?AD? .dis are very simple..u must just have logical thinking


    2.All dat glitters is  Gold

    A)A is gold

    B)B is not  Gold

    C)A glitters

    D)B does not glitter  

    Options are

    a)AB   b)AD   c)BC   d)CA

    answer is ?CA" and some more simple questions like dis..didn?t remember..  



    for verbal I prepared ?wren nd martin? ? most of da sections in verbal are based on articles,prepositions,Tenses?  

    1.5 questions on Paragraph .its easy but very long..dont read it..just answer dem at seeing da question try to find dat word in paragaraph and den u can find da answer very easily..  

    2. 5 questions on another Paragraph

    3.Correction of underlined sentence very minor differences will be given and we have to choose among dem  

    4.completeion of sentences..  

    5.Theme detection..dat is deriving conclusions from passages..

    I felt dis as easy part among da others in verbal section..  



    My panel consists of 2 old men aged around 55-60..all the INFY HR?s will be mostly aged..asked general Questions like Da 1st Question  he asked is  Wat?s da meaning of ur name?  

    1.Tell me abt urself and many questions based on which I answered to dis question  

    2.asked abt Hobbies.i answered playing shuttle nd chess..da next second dey asked how many squares will be der in chess board??

    I told 64.

    He asked are u cofident???

    I answered ?yes sir.?

    He is just checking my confident levels  

    3.Y in infosys?? which companies did u tried till now??  

    5.some puzzles..

    Dey r not waiting till we complete da puzzle..just observing our approach.  

    Da puzzles dey asked me are


    1.gave  4 points and said me to arrange dem so dat all of dem must be equidistant from each other..

    I arranged da points in da form of a square..

    Den he sais u r very near to answer..den I said is it a asqure..

    Den he said no and asked next puzzle..


    2.dis puzzle is from shakuntala devi puzzles book..

    1st asked me to read it aloud..dey r observing vocabulary,pronunciation also..

    A ship contains 10 steps,each with a a foot difference.,wen der is a high tide it will cover steps..da water rised to  6 feet..den wat?s da water level??something like dat..i didn?t remember it exactly..

    I think da answer is very simple..i reda it once.didnt remembered da answer..Wen I started to solve it on paper he asked me another puzzle..i think der is no need to work it out on paper..


    3.a small boy lives in the 8th floor..the building has lift nd it works properly and it is nice condition.. da boy went to market and while returning the boy get down in 5th floor..and from dere walks upto 8th floor..y so??

    Answer: the boy is ?SHORT?  to press 8th floor button in da lift..he can reach only till 5th

    I answered it correctly..  

    6.and lastly any questions??

     Try to ask any questions..dont say I have no questions..

    I asked dem  2 questions u want me to learn anything so that I will b fit into INFOSYS??

    Both of  dem  answered something?just listen dem..

    2.wat will be my day to day responsibilities once if I enter INFOSYS??

    Dey answered it ?


    Den he said HAVE A NICE Day..


    Dat?s all.ALL DA BEST TO ALL..try to clear da written test.. The interview is very simple and it doesn?t contain technical interview..

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