Infosys  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Sona College Of Technology,Salem,Tamilnadu-19 Dec 2009

Infosys  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Sona College Of Technology,Salem,Tamilnadu-19 Dec 2009

  • Posted by  FreshersWorld 
    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi friends, I wud like to share my interview experience with you.
    I got selected in Infosys on Dec 20,2009.
    Total Attended=490 Selected =95
     and i'm the one among them.
    1.Written round
    2.HR round
    Written round:
    Morning 9.30 written round started.
    We were really so enthusiaistic to attend.
    It is sooo easy.I just prepared for 3 days.
    It consists of

     1.Reasoning Ability(30qns-40mins)
    2.Verbal Reasoning(40qns-35mins)
    In Reasoning ability we had
    1.Simple puzzles
    2.Arithmetic reasoning
    3.Data sufficiency problems
    4.Data interpretation
    5.Blood relation puzzles
    6.Diagram Completion(2 qns they ask from dis)
    They also ask venn diagram problems which i dint prepare but somehow i managed.
    Books 2 prepare:Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning by R.S.Aggarwal which is more than enough.

    Verbal reasoning was a little bit tough.
    No extra knowledge required. First u ppl buy CAT book by Arun Sharma which makes me to clear in infy verbal. so pls buy that.Watever the company, CAT helps u a lot..!!
    This includes:
    1.Sentence completion(10 qns from give more importance)
    2.choose the correct/incorrect sentence
    3.Passage comprehension(2 para..both r dead easy)
    4.Fill ups

    By 10.05 we completed dis,,By 11.30 they started ppt..
     pls keenly observe it.If possible ask some qns,else leave it..!!
    Around 1 they announced the result.I thought i wont get selected. But by God's grace i got selected:-)
    So out of 490,102 clear written round. In infy,no technical only HR inteview is there..
    so once if u clear written, u can easily get selected in HR round
    I attended the interview by 4.30p.m
    Before the interview they might ask u for the marksheets xerox for both ur schooling and college
    so pls take xerox priorly.Also take some passport size photo with u. One lady actually interviewed me.
    20 mins b4 itself she got my resume and she was going thro that..(I was preparing for interview qns lke "TELL ME ABT URSELF","MY HOBBIES"and all that bt she dint ask neither of them..The conversation follows:

    She:Good evening..(she stood and shook hands wid me)
    Me :Good evening mam..(Shooked hands confidently by seeing her eyes and smiled)
    She:Y u r looking so seriously in ur photo..?
    Me : Mam,I dint take dis photo especially for infy bt if i took 4 infy,then i wud ve smiled:-))(thro out the interview i was keep smiling at her)
    She:smiled..Ok how ur frnds'll call u?either as seetha r seetha kumari?
    Me :Seetha only mam.. She:ok seetha,U hav a lot of stuffs in ur,i'm going 2 ask u a lot of questions frm that..
    Me :s mam,sure..
    She:can u tell me abt ur projects?
    Me :explained(My project was selected in IBM nd i specified it in my resume)
    She:ok,wats the speciality of ur project tat makes u 2 get selected?
    Me :I explained technically..(she told she dono abt the technical aspects nd left)
    She:Wat r the problems u faced while doin proj?
    Me :I explained
    She:Wt u did other than academics?
    Me :I told abt my hobbies(Also i explained abt my seminars..she got impressed..!!)
    She:Y u seems to be different frm every1?
    Me :Told..
    She:Do u think anythng which u feel that u want to rectify?
    Me :I told abt my weakness..!!Also i told hw i'm rectifying..??
    She:She was so glared and got impressed and was marking something in a paper..!!(she also asked me 2 sign in the paper where i entered my aggregate)
    She:ok,seetha any qns do u want to ask me?
    Me :(I dint prepare anythng 4 that..!!)so asked her name?
    She:U'll cme to know abt my name nd me later and we both'll meet each other later on someday..!!(and she smiled at me..!!)
    I was soooo happy and confident that i'll get selected..!!
    Finally at 8p.m they announced the result..!!
    Out of 102,95 were selected..nd i'm the one among them...

    All the best 2 u ppl..Do well..
    Just prepare it with a confidence..U'll be surely selected..
    C u soon in Infy mysore campues...!!!

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