Infosys  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Pune-26 Nov 2006

Infosys  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Pune-26 Nov 2006

  • Posted by  FreshersWorld 
    7 Jan, 2012


    hi all of u.

    I appeared for infy test on 26th of nov.exam was not that tough.but ya they hav realy made d english paper tough.its really hard to manage d time.if some people r worrying which pattern they r going to face jus ont worry take a close look at ur cal letter  if they hav mentioned that it is of 75 min then its going to be  new pattern way.
           My advice to all of u frnz is that go through CAT material(any coaching classes).Jus made aquinted urself with 5 types
    1) Data Sufficiency
    2) Datat Interpretation
    3) missing or series figures(Lots of given in rs agg...verbal book)
    4) Puzzles from rs aggrawal (do all d types)
    5) Syllogism(cat Material n rs aggrawal).
                  I m Stressing this pt once again go through cat material it will really help u to manage ur time n also u will be famalirised with tough n variety of prblems as compare to rs aggr..specially in case of data interpretation n data sufficiency n syllogism alsoand ya jus give two min to urself to go through d paper n to decide a strategy u should knoe in which part u r more strong nn also should be able to guess easy qs n solve them first.n for english it is like a mini cat.I cleared d exam n paper was like this.

    Logical 30 q -45 min
      1-5>  question on cube of 10 cm side each cutted into 1000 cubes of 1cm side each.
                cubes on edges were coloured with blue colour n inner side wer colred with black colour
                rest are non coloured..   then q's like ... how many are blue coloured?
                how many r black coloured?.... how many r non- coloured?   such wer d q's
    quite  time consuming. i tried it at last.
     5-10> Missing figure q's(3 were easy)rest were tough
    10-15>data sufficiency
                    little bit confusing but can be easily done in  6 to 8 min.Eg. Is a/16>a/10 two cond were given.go through cat material
    15-20>data interpretation d most easiest(hardly 4  min)
                 technology        power      prodn  ...   ....
     india          95                  90            70
     uk             90                  80            85
    germany     80                  85            90
    india          0.5
    uk             0.4
    germany    0.8    
    calculate d heighst ppf.ans=95*0.5 +90*0.5+70*0.5 such a easy q offcourse they have made some twist n turns in asking other q but was realy v easy
    20-25> again a simple puzzle rs agg type
    sachin plays offensive .neither shastri nor kambli technicaly sound,dravid plays cover drive well n some oither such cond were given.u have to fiind out which player plays which shot best n his style of playing.was not that tough (hardly 3 to 4 min)n q were asked upon it .q will take some 3 to 4 min.

    not as simple found in rs aggrawal takes some time well confusing have many diagrams to it in ur rough sheet.again go through cat material.
      wel thats abt d rough work wherever possible.


    two long passages(1 n half page )10qs on it
      10 q on sentence correction
      10 q were on critical reasoning
      10 q were grammar
                u can be caught of if u mark al d q in logical as u hav to show rough work but no probs in english paper at d last moment mark randomly no negative marking.
            My interview was v cool(27 th).they havent ask ny tech not even abt my strenth weaknesse(bePrepared to explain it with eg will always help u)2 puzzles .1 was from shankutla i have done it before.n thefore i solved it correctly he then asked whether i have done it before i said yes never lie.tumhare bap hote hai is mamle me woh hahah.n then he ask me what u can u do with this tie other than this i told him.(4 things he asked).My reading habits,which page(newspaper, i said newspaper) u read it first.n then he asked if i have ny q to be asked i asked them abt d growth of indivisual n general talking.n then they said to me d results will be out within 3 weeks plzplz frnz pray for me.hope this will help u.....success is where preparation n opportunity best of luck frnz for ur prep ....


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