Infosys  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Pragathi Engineering College-22 May 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Pragathi Engineering College-22 May 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends ?.This  is suresh kumar .M from aditya engineering college surampalem Near kakinada doing MCA I was selected for the company INFOSYS Through off -campus  conducted at Pragathi engineering college  Suram palem near Kakinada East Godavari District..

    I am very happy being I was selected in the  prestigious company..Thanks to freshers world and other website for giving a lot of information?I want to give the whole test paper which is conducted at pragathi off campus dated on 22 May  2007 and 23 May 2007.

    Round for Infosys:
    1) Written test
    Reasoning -30 marks -40 minutes
    English -40 marks -45 minutes

    2)  HR interview.

    Details about written test:  ON 22 may 2007 written conducted  Reasoning section: 30 marks
    1 -5 questions Ranking (ex: suresh is 10 th rank from the class of strength of 40 students what is his from the bottom of the class?)
    6-10  Logical Reasoning (Ex: five diagrams wil give inthat one diagram is placed with que(?) mark we have find out what wil come in that que mark)
    11-15 Data suffieiency  from R.s Agarwal book(verbal and non ?verbal reasoning)
    16-20 Data interpretation
    21-25 Sitting arrangements (Little bit tough)
    26-30 Q based on Syllogism
    26. some clips are small,All are small &big
    27.some books r toys,No toy is red
    28.All books r pencils,All pencils r pins
    29.All papers r Files,some files r pens
    30.All books r pens,All pens r pencils

    English section: 40 marks
    It is very very tough?
    1-15 ?Three big passages and then questions on that passages?
    16-20 correct the sentences?
    21-25 fill up the blanks?
    25-40 grammer related questions ( I didn?t remember properly sorry friends..)
    After written they announced the written cleared students in the evening nearly 5.30 I think.. they announced my name ?I was called on next day for hr interview?

    ON 23 may 2007 Hr interview.
    I went in the morning nine o clock ?The interviewers did not came ..they came at 10  o clock ?all are settled . and then I was called for the interview 11.15 ?I am in so tension?one infosys employee told me that don?t feel tension be cool?I smiled at him ?and I went into the interviewer room.. I wished him good morning sir?he asked me to sit..while sitting I offered a shake hand and I sat down I say thanks to him? Then the interviewer started the interview..
    1)  do u have brothers and sisters? I replied the answer
    2)  what ur father wil do ? I replied very politely but I am nervous at that time
    3)  Do u read newspaper and books? I replied that not regularly but I wil read sir
    4)  Apart from studies what wil u do? I replied that I wil play computer games
    5)  Is it useful to play computer games? I replied very confidently that only at leisure time sir
    6)  He asked that I wil one question u have solve ..i told ok sir..he studied the question ?he gave me a piece of paper ..i noted the data what he told ?Then with in one min I solved the problem ..then he really impressed ?he told me very good?

    Finally he told me that read newspaper and books and improve ur communication skills ?I told definitely sir ?he told me to leave?I again  shake hand him?he asked me that are u nervous ? but I told no sir..but actually I am nervous?
    MY SUGGESTION: I want to tell one thing only ?Don?t loose confidence?if u have confidence then u wil be the winner???..Results came by 1.30 -1.40 in that range ?I was the first name in the selected candidates list of our college (ie., Aditya engineering college)  It is off ?campus selections?

    Total members atteneded ?nearly 700
    Written cleared??120
    Finally selected???????    From our college that  is Aditya Engineering College we came to interview nearly 100+ students..(100-115)
    Written cleared only 8 students?.Finally selected only 4 students?.Two from MCA and Two from BTECH

                            ? Winners don?t Do Different things ?They do things Differently?

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