Infosys  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   NITK,Surathkal-29 Nov 2009

Infosys  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   NITK,Surathkal-29 Nov 2009

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Total Students appeared: around 100
    Qualified in written: 44
    Final selection:27(17 B.Tech+7 MCA+3 M.Tech)
    Written Test Consists of Two Papers as usual
    30 Questions in 40 minutes
    Section I: (Puzzle)
    Six cars A,B,C,D,E and F purchased on six days Monday to Saturday but not in order
    Five conditions given like(not exactly same)

    • car A purchased before purchasing atleast three cars
    • car D purchased immediately after car C purchased,
    • car F purchased on Tuesday
    • cars E & D purchased before purchasing atleast one car
    • After car E purchased atleast four cars purchased       

    Questions as follows (not exactly same)

    1.  which day car C purchased
    2.  which day car E purchased
    3.  on Friday which car purchased
    4.  if X purchased car on Wednesday which car he purchased
    5.  to answer above question how many conditions are necessary

    Section II (find odd men out of figures):
    Section III (Data Sufficiency):
        11. x3y2>1
              ii.y>1         Ans:Both are not sufficient
        12. In How many days  A &B together finish the work
              i.A can finish in 12 days and B can finish in 20days
              ii.A stared the work and they will do alternative days
        13. How may leaf years are there between A and B
              ii.There is one multiple of 400 is there between A and B
        14.How many girls are there in a class
              i.There are 40 boys in a class
              ii.don't remember
        15. Similar type of data sufficiency Question
    Section IV(Data interpretation):
       Here they will give two graphs showing COST and SALE of products of a particular company
       and they will ask five questions
    Section V (Puzzle):
      A,B,C,D,E and F will play games cricket,hockey,chess,golf,caroms,tennis
      and some conditions like
      A &B will play Cricket and hockey,
      B &C like to play chess and cricket
      F like to play golf,caroms,tennis etc...
      5 questions based on that
    Section VI (logic):
    My suggestion :
     Attempt sections in the following order
     Section II
     Section VI
     Section III
     Section I
     Section V
     Section IV
     with in 25 min i could finish first five sections in the above order
     for data interpretation i got sufficient time
    Paper II(Verbal):
    40 Questions in 35 minutes
    1-5     Passage
    6-10   Passage
    10-18 Correction of sentences
    21-30 Choose appropriate words
    31-40 Small passages will be given based on that questions like theme detection and best suitable line which matches above passage,weakest line  etc
    Me:May i get in mam (only one madam is there)
    HR:come in please sit down..
    Me:Thank u madam
    HR:do u have your Resume and Xerox copies of Marks lists
    Me:yes madam
    HR:can i have
    Me:sure..this is my resume,these r my marks cards
    HR:(observing resume) your  name is XXXXXXX
    Me:yes madam
    HR:u r from andhrapradesh...
    Me:no madam
    HR:ok then from where
    Me: i am from XXXXXXX
    HR:i heard that somany andhra sudents are there in IITs,NITs is it so?
    Me:yes madam,espesially in PG
    HR:why that is so
    Me:madam.andhra students prefer to go for higherstudies compared to othere states but in othersates they will settle after UG itself
    HR:ok leave about them ..why do u want to do PG
    HR: what extra you learned in PG,why dont you stop your studies with UG
    HR:but  any way after joining in any company you both are going to do same work there
    Me:ofcourse,there will be a some difference in working style and thinking level
    HR:ok,what are your hobbies
    HR: Good,u can leave now
    All the best

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