Infosys  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Mumbai-10 Oct 2006

Infosys  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Mumbai-10 Oct 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012



    test includes>>>>10 puzzles(50 marks--for 1 hr)
      English(45 marks ---half hr) 

    1.. A bag with 100 kgs potatoes have 99% water. It is kept in the open
    under the sunlight. After sometime, little amount of water got
    evaporated and reduced to 98%. What is the weight now ?



    2.               XYZ                                                   XYZ

                    +AB                                                            -AB

             __________                                             _______________

               C D E F                                                          BGA

    then find the value of X,Y,Z ,G

    3> some teacher ask to come on a particular day for class,she said"come on two day

    afterthe day before tha day after tommorow".if today is friday then on what day did

    she ask u to come for the class?

    4>one women went to a party. when she returned her husband ask her how many  men

    where there in party ? to which she reply "if kazi women's were mens & half a kazi

    women's where not present then women's & mens would have been same"
    to which husband ask to give some more which she replied"if half womens

    where mens & 1\3rd mens where women then total womens wouldhave been 11 more than

    men".( kazi is some greek word for a particular number).
    find kazi?
    find number of mens in the party?

    5) if  a farmer divides all the mangoes he has into rows of 3,5,7,9 he finds there is

    stil one left.but when he divides it into rows of 11 he finds none is left.wats the

    total no of  mangoes?

    6.. in how many ways can the numbers be arranged on a dice such that 1 and 6 are on

    opposite faces, similarly 2 and 5 , and 3 and 4 are on opp faces
    there where 4 more questions which i didn't remember .but they where quite tough.

    1>  50kg.
    2>>x=9, y=4, z=5, g=6;

    3>> monday

    4>>men=9 & kazi=4,




    English section was dam easy.but try to prepare for the basic includes:
    3>>fil in the blanks.


      I have solved 8 out of 10 & i got selected for interview.
    interview was on the next day morning at 11:20 am.
    the interview was started at nearly 12:30am..

    One man ( nearly age of 50) & a lady took my interview.
    Both the HR were really nice .they make u feel comfortable .

     the interview was good but they didn't ask me typical quest like tell me abt urself.

    they ask me:
    1. family background
    2.what role u played in ur final year project.for this question be prepared if u r

    going to answer as u where team leader.bcoz i did the same & they she ask me who

    selected u as team leader & why. when u was team leader dose ur friend in ur group

    feel bad?.
    3.what problem u face in ur project?
    4. as u r telecomm engg why u want to go for software?
    5.what kind of books u read?
    6.then she gave me 2 puzzles:::::::::
        1>>>>>> there r 10 candels .u need to arrange them in 5candels in 1 row & 4

    candels in own row?

             0 0  
                          0 0 0
                         0 0 0 0..........make it up side down by shifting only 3 circles

    7.then ,,,there was a bottle ,how can i use that plastic bottle other than for

    8.where can i use the ring present on the cap of the bottle?

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