Infosys  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   MNM Jain Engg. College,Chennai-27 Feb 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   MNM Jain Engg. College,Chennai-27 Feb 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012



    A Combined On Campus Conducted by MNM JAIN COLLEGE & THANGAVELU ENGINEERING COLLEGE?.. I am from Thangavelu Engg. College Nearly 240 students attended from our college???


    APTITUDE:(30 Q 40 Minutes):

    I. Puzzle type(As in R.S. AGARWAAL)

        To manufacture a computer chip 6 operations r required(A,B,C,D,E,F),

    Ø      Let B or A or D operations occur first

    Ø      Operation C is performed after E

    Ø      F comes after A

    Ø      E is not performed immediately after F

    1. If Operation B occurs first then what is the state of A (Ans is either i) or ii) 
    i) 2nd stage  ii) 3rd stage  iii) either  I  and ii  iv) None


    2. If a single operation costs Rs.21 then what is the total cost for manufacturing 80 chips?

      Similar type of questions.. By specifying the state of any operations and asking to find the other operation states?..



    In a family there r five members A,B,C,D,E. and their professions r farmer, doctor, lawyer, trader, nurse.

    A)    B (nurse) is the daughter of A, who is a farmer.

    B)     C(lawyer) is the brother of E, who is a only married couple in the family.

    C)    A has two sons and 1 daughter

    D)    The daughter in law of A is a doctor.


    Q.6. Among these which one forms the  male group?   (Ans. A,C,E)

    Q.7. Female groups?(Ans. B,D)

    Q.8. Who is the trader in the family(Ans. E)

    Q.9. Who is the doctor in the family(Ans. D)

    Q.10. The married couple (Ans. ED)


    V  can get the soln. by forming a flowchart???.


                          A(farmer) his son and daughter


    |                                               |                                               |

    B(Nurse,daughter)         C(lawyer,son-1)              E(son, married,son-2,trader)


                                                                                           D(doctor, wife of E)


    The format is select the missing picture from the four choices??.



    Two charts are given? (Follow Data Interpretation in Quantitative Aptitude in R.S. AGARWAAL)

    Very easy one?.



    Only 2 conclusions were given..

    V have to identify the correct solution from the 2 given premises.. I got No conclusion for 4 statements..

    Learn all the 9 logical rules from R.S.Agarwaal



    Sorry Friends?..   I don?t remember the last 5 questions??.


    ENGLISH(40 Q-35 Minutes) 


    1.      2 Comprehensions: (Very Easy one)(Q. 1 to 10)

    2.      Underlined statements has to be replaced by an appropriate line (Given 4 choices)(Q. 11 to 18)

    3.      Find the right option from the choice given below.(Q. 19 to 25)

    4.      Select the correct statements.(Q. 26 to 31)

    5.      small paragraphs (Each consists of 1 Q)(Q.32-40)


    After 3 hrs the selected list was announced.. Totally 52 selected from our college and I was one among them..  Immediately they called for HR INTERVIEW?. I was too nervous, since this is my first interview? my HR was a lady and she talked very nicely.. the Interview was of general, She gave some situation and asked how I will tackle that solution?  My HR interview is for just 10 minutes??..


    After being waited for more than 4hrs I am there in 43 finalists. Atlast I have placed in Infosys?  My friends of other panels faced Qs on puzzles ?. Really I am very happy now because from now I am one among Infosys . Friends please be confident and keep belief on  Urself definitely u can be placed in Infosys.

    I finally thank one and all who have helped me through out my carrier and especially my PARENTS who are behind me and my LOVABLE FRIENDS?

    Dinesh Kumar

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