Infosys  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Manipal Universal Pvt Ltd, Banglore-22 Jan 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Manipal Universal Pvt Ltd, Banglore-22 Jan 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Hai guys, i am giving you infosys online paper

    1) APTITUDE TEST 30ques - 40min

    2) VERBAL TEST 20 ques - 30 min

    Pls maintain the time limit. U can change the ans if required.  All the Questions are based on the pattern  of RS AGGARWAL

    1) Puzzle Question. There are 6 types in that work out all of them. For me thy askd a jumpled puzzle. The question askd was lik ths 6 persons sittin in a round table facing each other. thn color of the shirt were given ad wat thy ate. It was a bit confusing. Try to solve the puzzle in the last. Only one ques with 5 sub ques in ths was asked.

    2)Data sufficiency. 2-3 ques were there. This is not in the format given in RS Aggarwal. Its equation type. Quite easy.
    3)Logical Deduction or Syllogism. This is a bit confusing so do it carefully. The ques were like the last two ques in RS Aggarwal. There are 4-5 ques of this type.
    For example: 1.All the detergents are chemicals. Some chemicals are harmful.Some detergents are harmful.
    like ths 4 options ll be there in one ques frm which we have to find whch is correct.

    4)Data interpretation
    For this refer Quantitative RS Aggarwal. And try to work out all the problems from the second part (i.e) bar graph ad pie chart.
    For me there were Two charts in the same ques. Only 1 ques with 5 sub ques.

    5)Picture problems are there. Its very easy.From  RS Aggarwal Non Verbal refer all the Series(Continue the series), Missing and odd one out. In this also 4-5 ques were askd.

    Only these were asked for me. But other than this study

    6) Cube and Dice problem. From Cube basically 3*3,4*4,5*5 are only. To solve them fast and easily. draw the cube and divide it into different layers and then solve the ques given.
    For example: a 3*3 cube is given  and painted in all sides.And the cube is cut into 27 small cubes of equal size. Now the ques ll be How Many cubes are not painted in any side.
    thn u can solve it like ths 3*3 cube have 3 layers: 1 layer - 0 not painted, 2 layer - 1 nt painted, 3 layer - 0 nt painted and finally add all the three u ll get the ans. If u do it like ths u ll  not get confused.


    1) There are 2 comprehensions. with 5 sub ques in each. Try doin this in the last.

    2)Then find the correct sentence from the following sentences given. In this all the 4 sentences ll be the same with changes in tense or participles. So be carefull while answerin them. There are  4-5  ques of this type.

    3)Refer the Verbal section of  RS Aggarwal . Sentence ans Assumption, Sentence and Conclusion were also asked.

    4)Fillin the blank with appropriate pharse.

    5)Another section of correct sentence are there in which a sentence ll be given and some words ll be underlined. And the underlined sentence has to be corrected.

    Basically English is quite simple. But ll consume more time so try to be fast and conscious in answer

    *****ALL THE BEST*****



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