Infosys  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Lvely Proffessional University Jalndhar-22 Nov 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Lvely Proffessional University Jalndhar-22 Nov 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi Friends i wanna Share my experience of My Infosys Xam held at Lovely proffesional University Jalandhar

    The Procedure to get a call Consist of 2parts
    1. written Test
    2. Interview

     It was the main Screening it has 2 part

    A.Quant/ Data--->   it mainly conisist of Puzzles 5-10 Questions , syllglism 5 question ,Data sufficency, Gernal Question of Data interpetraion  based on graphs etc..     I suggest start with Syllogolism then go for Data sufficency then with DI at last Touch Puzzles  puzzle r not so tough ,   for all these reccomend R.S Aggarwal. just do a lot of practice for this from same book so u can gain  a good speed asits too lengthy and to Finish in 40or 50min do this on your full pace   There is No -ve marking  so if you aare not able to Finish at Time at least mark random options for Rest  I soppose min 25 marks r required for the cut off.

    B. verbal-----   The main questions were consist of Gramatical Fillin the blanks simple knowledge in grammmer is Cool it also constitute one       RC it was very very easy but Tme consuming so if you dont have a Good reading speed then do it in the End.

    C.MINE:---- I cleared the Exam for quant isuppose the cut Off is about 25 marks out of 40 questions , and in case of Verbal itsaround 17out of 30 question

    2.   Interview: 
     in this Interview basically consist of HR its not so tough the Pannel consist of 2 sir those were very cool with happy  Basically they were checking is the confisence in the candidate, the basic Mantra to Ovcercome this is SMILE on your face. which helps u a lot , see they  r not giving you Job fot Sympathy sake . seceondly have full knowledge related to your resume you Not Ned to have any Knowledge related to any language etc etc...

    At Last they Checked my Documents take one Photostate copy of all the DMC and now after 6 weeks aprox they had called me BY the GOD's Grace i got selected now packing to move for the Dream Company the Largst IT company.

    No Dobt Fresher World have also paid me Lot through students Experience i Even like u also place your Experience.

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