Infosys  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Laxmi Devi Institue Of Technology, ALWAR-18 Feb 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Laxmi Devi Institue Of Technology, ALWAR-18 Feb 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012



    I gv my Infosys paper on 18th,sunday at LIET, Alwar, Rajasthan.. Around 6 collgs came. .ITM, Manav Rachna, NC ,LIET, IET...etc. .they also called Mtech /MCA students. .also 4 th yr students came..
    Critirea is 10th: 65%  , 12th :65% , Semesters : 65%..(5%Relaxation on any one)
    We were supposed to report at 8:30am..Around 9:15..we enterd d campus..registerd our names..thn went for PPT(Pre placement talk) wid d infosys.. we hd around 1hr tok.. d person told us abt Infosys, ,in d market,,its training center at mysor can visit   We were told that paper wud start at 10 nvr happens..we went to our rooms at 11am...they gave us an application form to contained NAME, ADDRESS.. 
    etc. .also MARKS in 10,12,semester,post grads.. etc.. around 12 ..our paper began..
    we were givn Logical first..

    Logical Reasoning Test (30 questions(6*5) - 40 minutes)
    I dnt remembr d actual ordr of d quests..they were

    1)prob on Ravan..a big comprehension ws lik Ravan ws goin to die ..he hd 4 sons..he hd a box of gold coins..each worth Rs1 be distributd amongst 4... A b the eldest one wud get d max..D be d youngst one wud get least...nobody wil get less than 3...B hs one lakh more thn C...nd so on.. It hd 5 subparts...lik
    Hw many gold coins were there..
    hw much did A get ..

    2)DI quest...
    a table ws givn ..containin averag fuel 96-97,00-01,,05-06..of coal.,natural gas..etc it also hd 5 subparts.. which fuel hd least incresd prod ovr d yrs..which hd completd d current demand..

    3)5 easy PICTURE PROBLEMS...find the odd one out in series..

    4)LOGIC based quest..syllogism .it hd 5 sub parts..

    5)Data sufficiency
    5 subparts..each cn hv 5 answers..there are 2 statements given 4 each quest lik..12 men & 12 rooms r there..hw wil they paint d rooms in 10 days..?
    is A
    there is  MR...he has to visit 7 doctors daily..frm 9am to 4pm...namely M,N,O,P,Q,R,S.. After evry visit he takes 25min (travel n rest) to move to odr doctor..aft d 5th visit he takes 50min break for lunch.. He hs to visit O b4 M...S is to be visitd third aft visitin N..etc..lik this d quest ws formed...
    5 subparts..
    who ws d first to b visited?
    if doc S says to meet him again aft he visits last person..thn hw wil he wht time he wil go to him..?
    who wil he visit aft R..?

    I prepared frm RS AGGARWAL ..verbal n non verbal ..i thnk thts d best buk
    chapters u shud b thorough wid r :

    1)Blood relations
    2)Puzzle test
    3)Logical Venn Diagrams 
    4)Ranking and time sequence Test
    5)Data Sufficiency

    I wil advise tht dnt gv paper if u hv nt prepard u wud b only eligibl aft 9 months..aft u gv ur first attempt... Also go through Mock papers onlin...nd watch ur performance.. Time manangmnt hs to be there..odrwis u wil suffer... Do questions first tht u think r easy n correct..
    After the time ws over..they gv us 

    English paper 40 Ques- 35mins

    There were 2 comprehension passages each of one page...nd 5 questions each ...on it... bit long n tough ones...(Long Ones so Attempt it at last).
    5 quest were based on to correct the underline sentence by selectin d best of 4 options... there are some 5 small RC ques contains sigle ques each n select d best of 4 option.. some grammatical ques(tough n easy both)

    Argument-Conclusion type quest
    Practice English Aptitude frm Wrenin Martin...

    Writtn Results were told to b out at as usual late..they came out around 8pm.. Interviews were held the next day  at IET , Alwar


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