Infosys  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   ksrm College Of Eng,kadapa,AP-28 Jan 2010

Infosys  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   ksrm College Of Eng,kadapa,AP-28 Jan 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Date: 28-01-2010
    Place: KSRM college, kadapa
    First 1 hour: Filling application

    Written test:
    Section 1: Analytical test consisting of questions on aptitude and reasoning
               30 questions --- 40 minutes
    Some data is given as there are 5 friends j, k, l, m, n. each has some amount, conditions are given regarding this. Based on this * 5 questions are given.We can answer this based on the given conditions.
        (I felt this some what difficult to answer)
    * 5 non verbal questions
       a series of 4 figures will b given we shud find the next one in series.
         (very easy to answer)
    * 5 questions on question-statements
      each question given below is followed by two statements I and II
    Give answer a) if only I is sufficient to answer
    b) If only II is sufficient to answer
    c) If either I or II is sufficient
    d) If both are essential to answer
    e) If none is sufficient to answer
    11.There is a rectangular tank. How much water is required to increase the present water level by one feet?
    I. The dimensions of tank are 300*200*100 cu.ft
    II. Now the tank is full upto 6ft
    12. Whats the time now?
    I. the minutes hand is at 6
    II. the hours hand is half way between 9 and 10 many days is required for 4 men to complete the building?
    I3 men can complete the work in 12 days
    II.a man can conplete 1/4 th of the work in a day
    I .x,y are whole numbers
    II. x is an even prime,5
    I forgot the remaining one question of this section
    * 5 questions on data interpretation
    It was very very easy
    A puzzle test of classification type consisting of 5 questions based on given data
         (it can be easily solved by using the tabular method of solving it is similar to 1st question in 1st exercise of classification type questions of puzzle test)
    * 5 questions on syllogisms (very simple)
    Section 2: English test
              40 questions, 35 minutes
    A paragraph is given
    * 5 questions regarding the paragraph and another paragraph is given
    * 5 questions regarding the paragraph
    * 10 questions on correction of sentences (mostly related to tense)
    * 10 questions
    Find out the best alternative for the underlined part of given sentence from the given
    * 10 questions on theme detection
    Interview: It was about 20 minutes
    ME: Excuse me sir

    HR: please comin take your seat
    So you are gowthami mokshagunda
    Me: No sir its mokshagundam
    HR: So is that your surname
    Me: yes sir
    HR: So you are a computer science student.why u chose computer science?
    Me: Now a days computers are ruling the world so to lead in this world i felt that i should be familiar with computers and technology so i have chosen computer science.
    HR: Do you think computers are helping us?
    Me: yes sir
    HR: Many people argue that use of computers is leading to unemployment..what do u say?
    Me: Getting a job or being employed is based on our capabilities.We should be adoptable to technology. We can't find fault with computers for that. computer r helping us in many ways like...etc etc.
    HR: Looking into my resume hmm extra curriculars this is the part in which am very much u presented a paper on IDS...can u explain briefly about that?
    ME: I explained about my paper
    HR: So you got first prize in skit..can you explain about the theme, the whole team work, the way you plannaed, your role 5 minutes
    Me: I explained about the whole idea..etc etc
    HR: So you organised many events of your college. Tell me how you did all those.
    Me:bla bla bla
    HR: Suppose you are in a team of five members and your team is given a task and two members of your team are not involving in the work..what do you do to get them involved?
    Me: I will be friendly and try to convince them by explaining about the task,nature of work, how they get benefited by doing that.
    HR: Still there is no change then?
    Me:then there is a need for optimal decision i.e.,complaint to the lead
    HR: This is the answer am expecting.
    so do you have any questions to ask?
    Me:yes sir
    HR: ya plz
    Me:what kind of technical stuff is needed to get into infosys?
    HR: Nothing...technically every aspect will be taught to u at training period...
    Me: If I get selected now what should I learn before getting into Infosys?
    HR: hmm...concentrate on your area of improvement.your language and accent is good you hav good academic qualification..but there are some grammatical mistakes in your language..though they are unnoticable,rectifying them brings a try to rectify that..thats all...
    ok gowthami...thank u u can go
    Me: Thank u sir.
    Preperation I had:
    R.S Aggarwal verbal reasoning
    for theme detection, puzzle test, question-statements, analogy, data sufficiency, data interpretation, syllogisms
    (syllogisms: keywords: all, no, some, some not
    if all premises have keywords----venn diagram method
    if some premises have keywords----tabular method
    if none of the premises have keywords----general thinking)
    a rouch view of
    R.S Aggarwal non verbal questions on series figures
    R.S Aggarwal aptitude
    For english
        jvr english grammar book
        top 100 words for gre
        and some basic grammar rules i have
    written and martin is also preferred by many but i haven't seen that
    and also
    Shakuntala devi 'puzzles for u'
    puzzles by george summers, go for these puzzles if possible not so important
    (tense forms:
     if i go i shall meet your brother
     if i went i would meet your brother
     if i had gone i would have met your brother)
    in attempting section 1 do the data interpretation at last
    in section 2 do passages at last  

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