Infosys  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   JSS Academy Of Technical Education, Noida-1 Feb 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   JSS Academy Of Technical Education, Noida-1 Feb 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012



                      I am Gaurav Srivastava, a Sixth Semester B.Tech Student of JSS Academy of Technical Education, Noida, and I would like to tell you that this
                      entry is totally different from the ones you have earlier seen in and will help u tremendously?.


                       So to start with, this was the First Campus recruitment by Infosys for the 2008 Batch. As you all know that the pattern has changed totally and
                      that I think, helps to bring out the real talent and not only the Bloody Muggers (Oops Sorry if u r a mugger!!!!!)?. 

                      Don?t ever look at ?Shakuntala Devi? just sell it off to buy your Gf a Cold Drink. Jokes apart, let?s start with the real thing.


                      The Written test was the ?Real Eliminator?and only 150 cleared it, out of massive 450 from JSS? The pattern was as follows?

                      Paper-1: General mental ability. (30 Questions in 45 minutes)

                      Paper-2: English Aptitude. (40 Questions in 30 minutes)


                      For Mental Ability you should refer any CAT material (TIME, IMS, PT, C.L?.)

                      If u r short of time, then Practice from R.S. Agarwal books (Verbal & Non-Verbal as well as Quantitative Analysis)


                      Mind it Questions were ?very very tough ? and you need serious preparation, my score was 20 out of 30 and a guy having 17 also cleared so
                      make sure you do at least 17 correctly ???.


                      Questions were of type:

                      1.Data Interpretation (Long Hectic Calculations, Practice them well Guys!!!!!).

                      2.Find the next figure pattern (Super Tough, Practice well).

                      3.Arguments-C   onclusions type.

                      4.Blood Relation Problems.

                      5.Puzzles from R.S Agarwal.

                      6.Logical Deduction.


                       So guys and gals, main area of concern is time management so attempt the easy ones first, and then make a try at their tougher counterparts.


                      English was easy. I did not prepare for it at all and people from ICSE Board have no need to worry, but friends from UP Board need to work
                      at it, have a look at CAT Material from (TIME, IMS)..

                      I Scored 28 out of 40 but guys with 20 also got through, so Friends make sure u score up to the half way mark????.

                      Questions were  of type:

                      1.Reading Comprehension (Long Ones so Attempt it at last).

                      2.Argument-Conclusion type.

                      3.Correction of Sentences.

                      4.Choosing grammatically correct sentences. (Tough, so Practice well).

                       English Exam is basically to check ur Grammar so if u r good at it then no problem, both papers have separate cut-off so make sure u clear
                      both independently as well?????


                      Written Results were out in about 5 hour time and 152 cleared, out of eligible 450. Our Interviews were scheduled on next day i.e. 1st February.

                      112 were selected finally out of 152, so JSS kept its Reputation yet again????.



                      INTERVIEW EXPERIENCES...........


                      There were 16 different panels of interview. Some were female H.R?s (Be careful they can make u feel nervous). My Interview was with
                      panel No. 14, it was a bit easy for me to tackle as she was a lady H.R. (I can handle Females well??????) Jokes apart, the I?view were totally
                      H.R. and non-technical, basically they were checking for:


                      1.Verbal Communication Skills.

                      2.Confidence Level (Make Eye contact, they can do magic.)

                      3.Situation Reaction tests (Test for Spontaneity.)

                      4.Stress Handling Capacity.

                      5.Overall way of Walking, Talking & Dressing.


                      It was not a big deal for me???..


                      Some Questions from my Interview ?.


                      1.What qualities would u like 2 have in ur wife? (I was pleased to post my matrimonial at my interview?. Ha Ha Ha !!!!!!)

                      2.Do u want a housewife or a professional wife?

                      3. Tell me something about u and ur family? (This is their favorite question so prepare it well.)

                      4.Your Hobbies, Interests, Strengths and Weaknesses, some other questions from C.V?

                      5.Incidents in support of all that u have  mentioned in C.V? (So Please don?t lie.)

                      6.Why is there a drop in your Percentage?

                      7.Do u think it is a good Percentage?

                      8.Any Problem in Relocation? (Strict no no.)

                      9.Questions from the Shilpa Shetty episode in big brother.

                      10.Questions from the one day match b?ween India and West Indies the previous day. It was easy for me as I saw the match live.

                      11.Questions from current events like Tata-Corus deal, Mital-Arcelor deal.

                      12.Questions from Nithari tragedy as we are in Noida so we were expected to know more abt it than what read from Newspapers.

                      13.Any plans for higher studies? (Big No!!!!)

                      14.Why do u want to switch over to Software Field? (this is common for non CS/IT people, I am in EC and explained her well my Love
                towards Computers right from the start.)

                      15.Why do u wanna join Infosys? (For this go through

                      16.Why should we hire you?

                      17.Qualities of a leader, how will u resolve disputes?

                      18.What is AIDS? In Detail????????..

                      19.As I m an active blood donor so she asked me my blood group, haemoglobin content, max. blood which one can donate, all were

                      20. She gave me a puzzle, I don?t remember exactly but there were two cakes circular, joined together, we had to make 6 cuts to get max.
                pieces, make it and tell the no. of pieces. (What they see is your approach of solving under pressure, as full solution is attained by only 10 out
                of 100 people, so try try and don?t stop until she tells u.)


                      Do you want to ask something from me? (Prepare a good question as not asking any question shows serious disinterest towards company, plz        don?t ask salary, perks, allowances u will come to know them as soon as u r selected.)


                      MY ADVICE
                      1.Be confident, always put up a smile on your face.

                      2.Never use words like Cool, Guy, Dude, Gal, Yup, Funda. (I worked hard for this).

                      3.Give closed answers, open answers invite trouble as a series of questions emerge from those.

                      4.Dress well, like a professional, dark trouser with matching shirt and tie. shirt?s collar button should be closed.

                      5.Don?t deny your own point, stick to it.

                      6.Read Newspaper daily, Especially Business news.

                      7.Have a knowledge of Chief Ministers of states, Major Cabinet Ministers, Chief Justice, Speaker of L.S etc????..

                      8.Prepare your C.V well and mug it up hard.

                      9.Don?t lie, if u and ur C.V contradict u r Gone, Bye Bye??????..

                      10.Arrange Mock Interviews with your Friends, it helps?????.



    THE LAST WORD?. I give much credit for my selection to this website, so I made it a point to share my experiences with others trying

    to get in, and I am sure my humble attempt will benefit all,
    So if you are selected, or just in case u want some more questions asked at Infosys

    Interview or other sample interviews and expert tips that helped me or otherwise,
      Hope to see you all at INFOSYS??????


    All the best.By,
                      Gaurav Srivastava


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