Infosys  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Hyderabad-10 Jun 2008

Infosys  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Hyderabad-10 Jun 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    1. Quantitative test: Duration: 30 Questions ? 40 minutes
    It had 6 questions and 5 internal questions (6*5=30)
    ? Puzzles-2
    ? Data Interpretation
    ? Data Sufficiency
    ? Non verbal (Odd figure)
    ? Syllogism.

    2. Verbal test: Duration: 40 Questions ? 30minutes
    ? Two big passages are given. Fives marks for each passage.
    ? Correction of phrases in sentences.
    ? Two articles are given.
    ? Fill in the Blanks.
    ? Paragraphs of 3 to 4 lines are given and corresponding conclusion for those paragraphs should be selected from the given options.
    ? A sentence is given by using different prepositions we have to select the right one.
    ? Rest 5 is of different types.

    Hai friends, this is K. Arun Kumar. The following is the kind of paper which was given to us during the INFOSYS campus recruitment drive.

    Written Test: No Negative Marks
    1. Quantitative Test:
    Questions (1-5): Puzzle on direction sense and it is as follows:
    P, Q, R and S are four persons who were seated in a room in the directions North-East, South-East, South-West, and North-West respectively. People at one end of the diagonals move to the other end of the diagonal. Based on the following information solve the questions:
    1. P moves one and half side in the clockwise direction where as S moves the same amount in the anti-clockwise direction. What is the current direction of the person P?
    I don?t remember all the questions but they were similar to the above type

    Initially, this is the figure we would assume.                               When Persons at diagonals move.


    Position of P in the first question is north.

    Similarly, in the next questions Q, R moved.

    Questions (6-10): Based on the Odd figure out from a given series.
    Out of 5 questions 3 were very easy and the other 2 took some time.
    Questions (11-15): Based on the Data Sufficiency.
    Out of 5 questions 3 were very easy and the other 2 took some time.

    Is X-X/3<29?
    I. X2-9=0
    II. X<-3

    Questions (16-20): Based on the Data Interpretation.
    Initially, don?t waste your time by attempting it. Try to solve it at the end. Out of 5 questions only 2 easy and other needed
    calculation of percentages. Try to be perfect in percentages.
    Questions (21-25): Puzzle based on the allocation of classes to Lecturers in a week.

    I don?t remember the exact question but it was as follows:
    There are 6 lecturers A, B, C, D, E, and F. They take a class of 1 hour in a week. F takes the class the next day of the holiday. E takes the class after D. A takes before B?
    1. Which day was the holiday?
    2. Which day E takes the class?
    3. Who takes the class on Tuesday? ?? and so on.

    Questions (25-30): Based on syllogisms.
    There were 7 statements, each consisting of 3 statements each.
    This section would take a lot of time. Try to solve this part at the end. In order to solve this part, go through the R.S. Agarwal verbal and non-verbal (type-2: Three-Premise statements).
    Out of 5 questions,2 were very easy.
    The Nine rules and the Venn diagram technique would be helpful.
    2. Verbal test:
    There were two big passages and their corresponding questions:
    Passage1: It was a passage on "Dr. Simpson and his work on anesthesia". The passage was nearly a page long.
    Passage2: It was a passage on "Planetary movement-Astrology". This passage was very easy.
    Out of 5 questions, 4 were very easy.
    Questions (11-15): Correction of phrases in sentences.
    Questions (16-20): A sentence is given by using different prepositions; we have to select the right one.
    Questions (21-25): A paragraph of 4 to 5 lines is given and corresponding conclusion for that paragraph should be selected from the given options.
    Some questions were of different kind.
    Some questions were on articles.
    Note: No Shakunthala Devi Puzzles in the written test.

    ME: May I come in Sir.
    HR: Yes, Mr. Arun Kumar.
    (I greeted him saying "Good Evening Sir" as it was 6?o clock in the evening)
    HR: How was the day the Mr. Arun Kumar?
    ME: It was a great and enthusiastic day...
    (HR asked me to take the sit. I sat and thanked him)
    HR: Give me your resume.
    ME: I gave my resume.
    HR: Mr. Arun, three days ago there was a "World Environmental Day". So, please can you tell me about it?
    ME: I explained about Air pollution, Global warming and peoples negligence towards the nature.
    HR: I was asked by the HR to give a written statement that all details about my marks were true and correct.
    ME: I gave him the statement.

    (As resume plays an important role in the interview, be thorough with the resume and try to furnish only the relevant
    information in the resume and avoid mistakes in the resume)
    HR: What did you do in the IT meet?
    (As I have furnished in my resume, the information that I participated in the IT meets)
    ME: I explained him about my participation in some of the events but he still tried to get more out of me and I went on explaining about it and the HR interrupted me.
    HR: He gave me a puzzle and asked me solve it in two minutes. The puzzle is as follows:
    Two cars are 100Kms apart and one car is moving at a speed of 40kmph while the other 60kmph in the opposite direction. There is a bird flying at a speed of 80kmph near the second car moving at 60kmph.When the bird reaches the car at 40kmph, it reverses its direction and moves towards the other car and when it reaches it, the bird again changes its direction. Calculate the distance covered by the bird.


    ME: I tried to solve the problem in time but couldn?t do it.
    HR: He asked me ? "What Mr. Arun you are a math wizard and you could not solve a simple problem on?"
    ME: I said ?"Relative Velocity "and I smiled.
    HR: He asked me to solve another puzzle in one minute and it is as follows:
    Two fathers and two sons went to a restaurant and had their meal. The bill was Rs.200.What is the cost of each?
    Ans: Grandfather?Father?Son 66.6 (200/3)
    ME: I solved the problem in less than a minute and he was impressed.
    HR: He asked me whether I read any books other than my subjects.
    ME: I tried to remember the books but HR asked me not to lie. I told him that I would never lie.
    HR: Suddenly, he started starring at me in "deafening silence" as if I have done something wrong.
    ME: I smiled at him and started to look in his eyes in silence. (After 5 to 6 seconds)
    HR: He asked me whether I would work any where if I?ll get the job. He stressed that there is a word called "IF".
    ME: I smiled and said "Yes Sir".
    HR: then you can leave.
    (I was expecting more questions from the HR but he asked me to leave. So, I thanked him and left the room)

    Preparation Material:
    Try to complete the following topics from R.S. Agarwal verbal n non verbal
    1. Puzzle test (all the 7 types)
    2. Seating arrangement
    3. Data sufficiency
    4. Data interpretation
    5. Blood relations
    6. Syllogism
    7. Cubes and dice
    8. Classification from non verbal (finding odd figure)
    9. Directions
    10. Ranking
    11. Sequential output tracing.
    12. Deriving conclusion from passages

    Never leave any topic from R.S Agarwal verbal and nonverbal. Try to practice each and every problem.
    And for verbal solve as many exercises as you can from Wren and Martin and the topics are
    1. Articles
    2. Prepositions
    3. Tenses

    Note: In the written test, try to answer as many questions as possible. There is no upper cut-off

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