Infosys  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Govt Womens Degree College,Guntur-11 Jan 2008

Infosys  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Govt Womens Degree College,Guntur-11 Jan 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    This is Parveen Syed. I am Studying Final B.Sc.I am selected in Infosys which was held in Guntur on 11th jan 2008. Totally 3000 students appeared.Among them 950 cleared the written test among them 300 people were selected for Technical side and the rest for nontechnical.I was selected for Technical side,Among 300.60 students was finally selected.and I was one among them(for Technical) First of all they given a form which have to be fill very carefully.After that they given me a Tat no card.The whole selection Process will be based on this Tat no card. After that they given the Question Paper containing of 65 Questions  and the Time is 65 min that means 1min for each question.There were 3 sections.but they mixed the questions that means the question asked(model) in first section was again(model) asked in third section.  

    First of all English:
    English was little bit tough don?t worry if u concentrate u can do. The questions were like Jumbled questions, Paragraph questions, Analogys,Synonyms, Finding the correct sentence from a given set of  questions. I would suggest u to go through the options for Jumbled sentences.Through that u can do very easily and Fastly. Idont remember the questions (they were paragrahs na ????..thats y).  

    Analytical Ability:
    This was a easy section.Questions on Ratio and Proportions, Time and Work, Profit and Loss Partnerships, Problems on Ages.  

    Questions based on Blood relations, Picture overlappings, Conclusoins, Series, Is by of problems.these ype of questions were very easy, Data interpretation problems, etc?????.. I answered some of hem and I was qualified. After that  Interview.Interview was on next I was time was on 1.30 i went at 12pm on to the spot.My turn was on 3 pm. The Interview and the HR was Conducted by same person and at the same time.For me the HR was a Gent . I first entered into the room

    He:come in Parveen was the day
    Me:Than q,Fine sir.
    He:I am from Bangalore .
    Me:Then how is Andhra Pradesh sir.
    He: very spicey.
    He:k now we move on to ur Personal views
    He:Tell About ur Self I mean ur deams ur Family.
    He: ur favt song
    He: ur hero and heroine.
    Me: answered.
    He: ur favt sport
    Me:crickst sir
    He:which cricketer
    Me:Zaheer Khan sir
    He:he is Handsome that?s y.
    Me:no sir because of the of his bowling
    He:k fine
    He:favt spot
    He:do u visited hyd
    Me:I said no sir if u give me a chance I will
    He: it s k but u will be posted anywhere I mean pune, Chandigarh some thing like that.
    Me: I said no problem sir I will

    Its very impotant that u have to be positive u should not say no for anything or atleast u have to say I will try. K Be positive anyhow. On all these he was testing my communication skills.u just be confident don?t get tense don?t get shiver and u know some thing like that.put always a big smile on ur face. That?s important.

    Finally on my studies
    He:k parveen which is ur favt subject
    Me:computers sir.
    He:which topic.
    Me:C sir
    He:k tell about pointers.
    Me: answered
    He:tell about Functions.
    He:what is the difference between pointers and Functions.
    He:inputdevice and output device
    He:k??.. write any Program on C
    He:he asked to explain
    Me:I explained
    He:now u can ask me any questions
    Me: ur good name please sir.
    Me:thak q sir

    And finally he given me a paper to sign its not as bond its just a formality that we have attended .thats it.He said ?u me leave now?. Finally I was waiting for the result. The main Hr Came his name was Mosses.He announced the result And I was selected I am the only girl who was selected from my college.  

    Parveen Syed.  


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