Infosys  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   GIT,Jaipur-23 Feb 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   GIT,Jaipur-23 Feb 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hello everyone..Infosys conducted aptitude test at GIT Jaipur for 13 colleges and at ARYA Jaipur for another set of colleges on 23rd simultaneously.1100(approx.) students appeared after aptitude test 143 were selected after Aptitude test n finally 80 got thru. Fortunately i made it !! 

    Here r the details of the test conducted at GIT.
    Phase1 :- Aptitude test (Logical reasoning) followed by English test.
    Phase 2:- One-to-one Interviews (H.R.).
    Aptitude test :- 30 (6*5) questions in 40 minutes.
    Q1. A puzzle on sequences...some statements were given like x comes b4 y n y two places b4 complete order had to be determined...and then reversed to get ranks of each person...set of 5 questions on this...easy one.
    Q2. spot the odd one out of five given figures....only one was tough..4 were very easy.
    Q3. Data Sufficiency...which of the given statements r sufficient to obtain some results...1st,2nd,both or none..a simple question
    Q4. Data Interpretation....tough one...comparisions had to be made n units like tonnes,troy....were used to specify amounts of rice,gold...and 5 years n so on...questions were based on comparisions of these quantities...not very easy.
    Q5. Another puzzle....whew!!mind boggling......some details were given and for each person their room no.,city,course had to be determined...conditions were like...these ppl stay from room no.504 to so on and x  can't stay with y z dates one who is pursuing chemistry but not one form calcutta...n so on....actually analysing the data was difficult b'coz of the bulk of conditions given....tough!!
    Q6. Syllogism....very easy.
    English test :-    40 questions in 30 minutes.
    2 Passages - a set of questions from each....i would like to suggest tht one must read the question and then find it's answer from the passage don't waste time reading the passage saves u a lot of time.
    5-6 sentence completion with 4 options each....
    10 find the most appropriate sentence out of 4 options.
    10 a part of sentence was underlined and a better way to express it had to be selected from four given options
    ~10 small passages and some inferences or conclusions or one supporting what has been stated in the passage had to be determined.
    Phase 2:- H.R. Interview...but u might be asked some technical general questions...but tht's a rare case.
    It was a general interaction...but please be ready to talk about all that u have mentioned in ur resume...and current affairs !!all state capitals,cm's,union cabinet ministers...and recent happenings like blasts in samjhauta express....n if u r a girl be ready to talk about general problems tht women face today(common question)...wht wud u do to rid the society of sure u r mentioning ur true hobbies,pls dont fake or else u r in for some serious ready to talk in detail about them...all tht u've done (extra-curricular) in both school and college.I was asked two puzzles...u might or might not be asked...depends.... i was asked simple ones.
    1.   a series...fill the blank:-
           1 1  1   1
           1 3  5   7
           1 5 13  25
           1 7  25  _
    Answer:- 63 (25+25+13)
    2.  U r given 9 9's make 100 out of them.
     Answer:- (9*9) + 9 + 9 + 9/9
    just note that i was given strictly 1 minute for each.
    Finally the interviewer asked me if i wanted to ask any questions....i asked two questions,he explained patiently....and i was asked to leave...!!
    I was often contradicted by the interviewer and often he tried to irritate me by looking at his watch again n again (as if he wants to finish it off asa possible n show his disinterest,just be indifferent and continue answering whatever he asks...)but somehow i managed to be calm...tht seemed to work..and don't be rigid be ready to listen to wht he says and respond too..
    I wasn't very sure i would make it after the interview cause i was a bit exasperated....but all's well that ends well!!! well said!!
    guys just remember one thing if u've not prepared well for the aptitude it'll not be a breeze to clear it as i've already mentioned how few r shortlisted...but if ur IQ is reasonably good there r no reasons why u wouldn't make it...and keep telling urself i'll do it..n sure enough u will!!
    All the best!!
    see u at INFY!!
    keep the faith!!

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