Infosys  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   GITA, Bhubaneswar-1 Mar 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   GITA, Bhubaneswar-1 Mar 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hello friends,

    I am Sudhir Kumar Gupta, from GITA, Bhubaneswar (Electronics and Communication Engg). First of all I would like to thank all those who have posted their reviews on this site?these reviews helped me a lot in cracking INFOSYS at the first go?

    To start up with INFOSYS was the first company to start the campus season in Orissa . To boast off GITA (Gandhi group) was the first Institution to have INFOSYS at its campus....

    About 292 students appeared from GITA, Bhubaneswar and GIET, Gunupur.87 students (73 GIET and 14 GITA) cleared the written exam. Finally 48 (11 GITA and 37 GIET) could make it to INFOSYS....and I was one of the 11 successful candidates from GITA?

    At our campus the INFOSYS people were very time bounded...they had informed that ppt talk would start at 9.00a.m?.so did the ppt talk started at 9a.m sharp?the ppt talk was for two hours?do attend this talk with a pen and paper and note down some key points because the HR might ask question related to these?


    The criteria was any two 60% and one 65%. ( generally it is 10th and B-tech 65% and 12th 60%)


    Important Tips:-

    1. Start from easy questions and then proceed towards the difficult ones.
    2. Make a mindset that the questions which are difficult for you, will be difficult for others too.. But the question which is easy for you may not b easy for others.

    The written exam was divided into two sections:

    1) Aptitude (30 ques 40 min)

    2) English (40 ques 30 min)

    we were firstly asked to fill up a simple form.. ( do not forget to carry a passport sized photo with you)..  the aptitude paper was given first?then the English Paper?


    The paper was not tough but needs practice and proper time management?for aptitude section follow R.S. Aggarwal ?Verbal and non Verbal reasoning?...

    Chapters to be followed:-

    Section 1

    1.       Series completion

    2.       Blood Relations

    3.       Puzzle Test

    4.       Number, Ranking & Time Sequence Test

    5.       Data Sufficiency

    Section 2

    1.       Logic ( This is also known as Syllogism)- Very Important

    Section 3

    1.       Series

    2.       Cubes and Dice.

    Some of the ques I remember are-

    Ques (1-5) ? Ranking

    The questions were very easy.

    1. Ram is 10th from front and Shyam is 10th from back. if both interchange their positions then Ram is 27th from front, then Shyam?s position from back is

    (1) 25           (2) 26       (3)   27      (4) 28

    2. Hari stands 10th in the class and mohan stands 17th  from back and there are 4 students in between them then the total strength of the class is?..

    Ques (6-10)- Next figure i.e. the 6th figure in the series..

    Here five figures were given and we had to find out the next figure in the series from the five figures given as options. These were easy too..

    Ques (11-15)- Data sufficiency problems

    Ques (16-20)- Graph

    Here one graph on Solubility Vs temperature for 6 different compounds like calcium sulphate, calcium chloride, etc.. was given.. 5 ques followed it? this was little tough as there were 6 different lines in a small graph ..

    Questions were like- which has the highest solubility? (1) calcium chloride at 29deg  (2)calcium sulphate at 15deg  (3)sodium chloride at 22deg  (4)potassium chloride at 20deg.

    Ques (21-25)- Puzzle Test

    I don?t remember the whole ques was something like-

    There are six persons A,B,C,D,E,F?each person wore a cap and a tie. No person wore same coloured cap and tie..caps colour were red,black,brown,yellow,green,white. Tie colours were red,blue,yellow,brown,orange,green? E wore cap as the colour of the F?s tie. C wore cap as the colour of the D?s tie???.

    Five questions followed it?

    Ques (26-30)- Syllogism

    These were really tough?follow the nine rules given in R.S. Aggarwal or follow the rules tought by ur PPT teacher?For Bhubaneswar students follow Nanda Sir?s notes?


    The English section was a tough one?for this prepare from Baron?s guide or revise your basics from Wren and Martin?look for the section in the paper which is easy for you and attempt
    1. 2 long passages followed by 5 ques each?these passages were very tough?one advice- read the passage once then from the questions try to find out the answers from the passage?this might help you in completing ques (1-10) much faster.. don?t give too much time reading the passage..

    2. ques (11-17)- choose the correct sentence out of the four ?
    3. ques on fill in the blanks with the correct word or phrase

    4. choose the best suited words or phrases for the underlined words

    By 1 p.m the written exam was over ?the results were out by 3p.m. the cut off was around 13 each in Aptitude as well as English section??within 10 min the HR Interview started?


    The most important thing to crack the interview is that you have to be well prepared about what is there in your CV?Confidence counts a lot?keep smiling but don?t show your teeth?if you don?t know the answer say politely that you don?t know the answer do not bluff.. the HR will catch you? a person with the above qualities and a good communication skill (in English) can crack the HR interview easily..

    The interview was for around 18-20 min?the HR person was very friendly?his questions followed from what I spoke?my questions were-

    1.  tell me about yourself?

    2.   where do your parents live?

    3.  how come you have done schooling from Jamshedpur rather than your native place?

    4.  you must be leaving in the hostel?

    5.  you from which branch?

    6. do you have exposure to computers?(while answering this ques I spoke about my summer course i.e. Network Management in ?Linux? environment?.so the next questions were from this)

    7.  what was the course all about?

    8.  what is a switch?

    9.  what is routing?

    10. name a company which produces switches..(I didn?t knew the answer so I said ?I don?t know the answer)

    11. then he asked don?t you watch KBC?I replied ? ?Sir, for the last 3yrs I don?t have access to the television as I stay in the mess..

    12. what is Oracle?

    13. do you have any interest in sports?(my answer was cricket)

    14. are you there in the college team?

    15. have you played cricket for your college?

    16. then he gave me a Maths ques.- there are X no of students in the have distributed 6500 among all the students..if 15 more students are included and the same amount is distributed among all then the new share for each gets reduced by Rs30 than the previous one..can u find out the actual no of students(X)? Here he wanted to see that whether I was ready to accept new problems and how I proceed?never say no to these questions.. always give it a try.try until he/she stops you.. then explain him/her what you have done..i gave him the answer and explained what I had done..

    17. again he asked me question on cricket- What is China man? ? I didn?t knew the answer so replied- ?Sorry sir I don?t know the answer

    Some other ques which were asked to my friends were like-

    1.       what is the meaning of your name?

    2.       who invented zero?- Aryabhata

    3.       what is the loss in a line? ? I^2R loss

    4.       why should I hire you?

    5.       why Infosys?

    6.       tell me about your strengths?

    7.       give an example where you have worked as a team.

    After the Interview I had to wait for around 6 hrs for the result?at 9:15pm the results were announced?

    I hope that this will help those who are aspiring for INFOSYS.BEST OF LUCK.. see you at INFOSYS..

    With regards

    Sudhir Kumar Gupta

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