Infosys  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Dr. B.C.Roy Eng College,Durgapur(West Bengal)-24 Mar 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Dr. B.C.Roy Eng College,Durgapur(West Bengal)-24 Mar 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Hi frz.. I am Reekodipto (REEK?) from College Of Engineering & Management Kolaghat.


    My experience? It was a long journey from KOLKATA. We reached the venue by 7:30. The PPT was supposed to start at 9:30 but it was delayed to 10:20 when finally the HR Manager Madame Padma Kini came on stage & started the PPT.


    The PPT was of a duration of more than an hour, which made most of us restless. Around 10 colleges participated and around 1200 students turned up for the occasion. But as the cut off was declared, around 500 were eliminated.


    So friends please heed to the criterion very well. Even a one mark short or a 0.1 % short was not entertained by any means.

    The cut off was as follows?

                            ICSE / ISC / CBSE --- 65% throughout. (All 6 Subjects).

                            WB Board               --- 720/1200 (H.S).

                            Other Boards           --- 65% throughout.

                            B.Tech                     --- 65%  or 6.5 (average).

    Diploma Holders should have 65% in class 10, 65% in B.Tech and 65% in any one in Class-12 or in their diploma results; whichever is higher can be considered. However there was a 5% relaxation for all in one of the examinations except for Diploma Holders and WB Boards.

    So please be careful with the eligibility criterion & note it well when INFOSYS announces the same.


    APTITUDE TEST :                       

    One student in the PPT asked Padma about the cut off in the aptitude test but she blindly refused to utter a single word about that, instead she said, ? It is strictly Confidential and under no circumstances we will declare the cut off ?.


    The Paper comprises of two parts ? firstly the logical reasoning part, which was of a duration of 40 minutes and secondly the English part was of a duration of 30 minutes. Before starting off, you will be required to fill up a form along with a passport size photograph. You will not get the TWO PAPERS together. Only after the completion of the stipulated time, you will get the next paper.


    The Logical reasoning part was a bit difficult. Also you have to manage your time very well. Don?t waste too much time for a single question.

    There were two puzzles, one was easy and another one was a 20 variables puzzle, which many of my friends couldn?t solve. I don?t know how I manage to solve it. The puzzles was not of the R.S. Aggarwal standard. It was quite difficult. I solved almost all puzzles from R.S. Aggarwal but neither of them was of  that standard. But if you proceed in the correct manner, I don?t think it will be difficult to solve. Remember well to use the rough sheet as during evaluations, they make check your rough sheet.

    There was one problem from blood relations, which was easy. There were 5 picture series, which were of below standard. I think this everybody has done it correctly. Then there was a problem from PIE CHARTS, but it was too confusing but not difficult. Read the question very well before answering. There were 5 syllogisms, which comprises of 5 different interpretations for each. You have to choose the correct option. For this you can practice from R.S.Aggarwal. But the laws there given never went into my head.


    The second paper is the English aptitude. This comprises of two comprehensions, which was too lengthy. The best way to solve this in quick time is to go through the questions first and then try to find the answer from the comprehension. Because if you start reading the whole comprehension, be rest assured that you are not clearing the aptitude test of INFOSYS. You can try it out. The other questions were from sentence completion, fill in the blanks with an appropriate word, preps etc. This section was very easy to score.


    I being a student from ISC board, didn?t find any difficulties in solving the English section, but some of my friends who have come from Bengali medium, found the paper to be a difficult one.

    The results were declared after 3 hours. Out of around 800, only 95 cleared in the aptitude test and 22 cleared from my college. Luckily I was one of them.



    There were 10 panels and hence this round was moving at a brisk pace. Though each was interviewed for at least half an hour .

    Now let me share my experience?


    Panel number one called me.

    The interview..

    Interviewer : Please have seat.

    I :                  Thank you, Sir.

    Interviewer : So Reekodipto..What a good name. Can you say the meaning of your name?

    I:                    It means that I am being enlightened from the Rig Veda.

    Interviewer : So you are from Electrical Engineering Department, right? How can we fit you   in INFOSYS?

    I:                    I also know C, C++, which are also my favorite subjects.

    Interviewer : Good. So Reek shall I ask you general questions or technical questions?

    I:                    As you wish Sir. I am comfortable with both.

    Interviewer : What is DBMS?

    I:                     hm?Sir I don?t know.

    Interviewer : So, I should proceed with general questions.

    I:                    As you wish Sir.

    Interviewer : As I can see from your aptitude test, you scored very well. Good. Can you explain me how did you solve this puzzle? (The 20 variables puzzle)

    I:                    I explained.

    Interviewer : Good. Can you solve this series?

    I:                     (It was a combination of 4 series & I solved it with an ease and turned the paper in his direction and said 6 is my answer  which was followed by my justification.)

    Interviewer : Have you seen yesterday?s match? (Ind Vs SL) Do you know the Score?

    I:                    No, Sir I couldn?t see India?s batting, but I  have seen SL?s batting and I told the score.

    Interviewer : Don?t you think that the Indian players are overpaid?

    I:                    (Answered elaborately, citing examples)

    Interviewer : You have quite an interesting email id . Can you say why have you used such name?

    I:                    In my school days my friends use to call me by that name. That is the only reason that I have used such name.

    Interviewer : Any special reasons behind that? Your friends were boys or?

    I:                    No?No?No?I used to study in a mono-ed school.

    Interviewer : Which school were you in?

    I:                    DON BOSCO.

    Interviewer : What are your Hobbies?

    I:                    Playing Sudoku and Photography.

    Interviewer : Quite an interesting hobby?good. One last question- Do you think audio-visual is important in today?s modern day world? Justify your answer.

    I:                    (Said a lot about school used to have an audio-visual room?and many more and lastly concluded citing an example)

    Interviewer : Ok reek, Thanks you may leave..

    I:                    Thank You Sir, It was a pleasure to interact with you.


    The results were declared at 10:10 pm by Padma Kini and only 45 cleared out of 95, out of which 8 were from our college and I was one of them. Padma exclaimed to us by saying INFOSCIONS?We were very happy.

    Some Important Findings:
    Ø      Whatever you say, you should have proper justification at the back of your mind because the next question can be that
    Ø      You can expect some current affairs questions specially the names of our ministers.

    Ø      Though many says that Shakuntala Devi is not required but some of my friends were asked some questions from that book in their interview.

    Ø      Good communication skill is a must in INFOSYS, which are not so important in other companies.

    Ø      You can expect some situational questions in your interview.

    Ø      Do not try to bluff the interviewer as they are very quick in reading your minds.

    Ø      Be confident in whatever you are saying.

    Ø      Do not try to use many ornamented words as that can lead you to trouble.

    Ø      Believe in yourself and then believe in ALMIGHTY.

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