Infosys  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   CHENNAI -2 Apr 2006

Infosys  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   CHENNAI -2 Apr 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012



    1) A spider spins a web on a window frame. it spins the amount spinned the previous day. it takes 30 days to spin web. if 2 spider start spinnin, in how many days will both together finish it.
    Ans. 29 (not sure)

    2) (repeated) the problem of melons with different lenghts of pan
    A weighing balance of unequal length bars. One kilogram on left pan is equal to 8 melonson the right pan. One kilogram on right pan equal to 2 melons on the left pan. What is theactual weight of the watermelon?
    3) there is a room 30 feet length, 12 feet wide, 12 feet height.
    there is a spider on one side of a wall midway between sidewalls and 1 feet above floor. there is a fly on opposite wall, midway between sidewalls and 1 feet below ceiling. what is the minimum distance it should traverse to reah the fly
    Ans. i think 24. please check
    4) (repeated)the problem as to who won the race between Jack, Sam And Ann.
    Ans. Ann
    5) (repeated)Ship sum. where there are 12 rungs of a ladder at 10am with spacing of .4mt . when tide rises what is the no of rungs if tide rises at 1.2mt/hr at 1am
    6) For 8marks
    Some Conditions like A B CD etc
    with they prepare salads using 3 fruitts each. each have two fruits in common.
    4 questions from that

    7) (repeated) 6 marks there are 6 peole. K L M N O and P
    some conditions K father of N and grand father of P. there are 2 fathers, 3 brothers and a mother
    L is brother of O,s husband and one more condition
    3 questions
    who is O's Husband
    Who are the brothers
    How many male members are there
    8) A repeated sum to find who is strongest of Tom, Hank, Jack And Bill
    9) sorry dont remember
    10) for 8 Marks
     X Y Z     X Y Z
       A B +     A B -
    -------     -----
    C D E F    B G A
    find X,Y,Z,G

    Ans: 945
    +     78
    -  78
    (Paper Submitted By : Abarna)

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