Infosys  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   C.E.T,Bhubaneswar-31 Mar 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   C.E.T,Bhubaneswar-31 Mar 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi Friends, On 31st mar, INFOSYS came to our college for an on-campus recruitment....
    Its requirements were:
    1)65% in 10th
    2)65% in 12th(C.B.S.E)/60% in +2 sc.(state board of ORISSA or W.B)
    3)6.5 CGPA upto 5th sem. without any backlogs

    At about 9:30AM they started giving the PPT which lasted for abt. an hr.
    sectional cut-off was there
    no negative marking

    At abt. 10:30 am ,the exam was started.The written exam was conducted by a consultancy firm and consisted of 2 sections:
    1)Aptitude (30 qns/40 mins)
    2)English (40 qns/30mins.)

    The Aptitude section was easy but the English section was very tough. (qoutes recovered from fellow students).
    120  sat for the written exam but only 22 cleared the written and  finally 18 got thru the INFY.

    i have tried to give as much as i remember,for any mistakes in data/qn. plz bear with me.

    Qn 1-5)100 coins r distibuted among five persons satisfying conditions below:
    1)none got equal no. of coins
    2)J got coins equal to sum of K & L's coins.
    3)L got 3 coins more than cube of a number.
    4)K got coins equal to Sqr. or Cube of an integer.
    5)M & N got the lowest no. of coins.

    there were 5 qns. based on that
    1)who got the highest no. of coins
    2)how many coins did J get.
    3)how many coins more/less did K get than L
    4)cld not remember............
    5)cld. not remeber............

    Qn 6-10)5 qns on PICTURE PROBLEMS,like complete the series...(do Verbal & Non Verbal Reasoning R S Agarwal -sufficient)

    Qn 11-15)A bar graph was given about no. of states vs. % of unelectrified villages.
         The datas were as follows:
    STATES    %
        A    -      25
        B  -        45
        C  -        60
        D  -        35
        E  -        20
        F  -        15
    qns were
    1)which is the state where the Govt. has to spend the maximum money for electrification?
    2)what is the ratio of electrified to unelectrified villages in state D?
    3)If there are villages in the state B & D in the ratio of 8:5,then find the ratio of the villages that are to be electrified.
    4)cann't remember
    5) -do-

    Qn 16-20)5 Qn on Data Sufficiency....(refer R.S. Agarwal-Verbal & Nonverbal reasoning).
    Qn 21-25)Seema is older than Manju.Reena is older than manju but younger than Seema.Sita is yonger than Manju.Meena is
    yonger than Sita but older than Beena who is older than Sanju.Jafar is older than Mughal but younger than Sanju.Heena is
    older than Reena but youngrt than Seema.
    1)Who is the youngest ?
    2)who is the oldest?
    3)who is 4th oldest?
    4)WHo is older between Sanju & Sita?
    5)WHo will be the neighbour os Jafar if,Seema,Sanju,Manju,Beena & rekha are to be seated according to their age.

    Qn 26-30) 5 Qns on Syllogism.(R.S. Agarwal is a must for this.remember all the nine rules)
    1)all kites are dogs
    2) all dogs are cupboards.
    Conc I-all cupboards are dogs
    Conc II- all kites are cupboards.
    4 similar qns were asked

    This Section was a bit have to be thorough with u'r english usage than the verbal part(syn/ant).
    10 qns bsed on two passages

    1)first passage was based on Neanderthal and Homo sapien evolution.
    2)i do not remember the 2nd passage.(but it was an easy one)
    Qn 11-20)10 qns on sentence correction.
    Qn 21-30)10 qns on fill in the blanks.
    Qn 31-40)replace the best suitred word or phrase with the underlined word/phrase.

    HR Interview
    My HR Intervies was a bit different.
    There were 2 persons of age about 50-60 yrs. who were taking the interviews.they were very friendly and complacent. you must have some knowledge on geographical locations,train routes,current affairs like sports etc.(try to read the daily TOI before going for the exam).

    My interview was for nearly 40-45 mins. some qns they asked me :
    1) tell me something abt. u'rself?
    2)Tell something abt. u'r family and family values.
    3) As my hobby was to gather knowledge regarding indian stock-market ,they asked abt. the stock markets & mutual fund for nearly 25 mins. & i answered them   all.They were very impressed.
    4)Then some general qns. like Do u have a girlfriend?
    5)what's her effect in your life(but mind it ,tell these answers very carefully,becoz these are DUMB qns & through this they can trap u easily.So do not bluff becoz HONESTY IS THE BEST WEAPON)
    6)Where have you gone outside Orissa?
    7)Some situational qns. like :If u r travelling with u'r family and midway u lose all u'r tickets and luggages then what wld u do?
    8)waht's the way to travel fronm BBSR to MUMBAI by train ?
    9)where is INFY's headquarters?(be confident ,they might say mysore to confuse u, but be confident with bangalore).
    10)Two Puzzles: 1)If a tank contains amoeba which gets doubled every minute and the tank fills up in 32 mins. then after how much time the tank wld be 1/8 full.

    Chandan Das

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