Infosys  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   BVM, Vidyanagar-8 May 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   BVM, Vidyanagar-8 May 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Written test includes

    Verbal 40 questions 30 mins

    Aptitude test 30 questions 40 mins


    No. of students appeared 1173

    Written cleared 58

    Finally selected


    Remember :::

    ·  As it is not an online test all students r having same paper

    ·  Better if you tick answers with pencil,so that you can rub it of if you have selected a wrong option

    ·  Time management is important


    Verbal test

    Two  comprehension(10 ques)

    To chose correct sentence(5 ques)

    There were 5 sentence ineach question

    From five only one is grammatically correct

    Fill in the blanks with proper word(5 ques)

    Paragraph conclusion(5 questions)

    Aptitude test

    5 ques visual reasoning

    5 ques data interpretation

    5 ques data sufficiency

    5 ques logical reasoning

    and some more



    my interview was on 9th May

    it was a nice one  

    tell me about yourself??

    I gave my general information

    tell me what innovative you have done in your life?


    Other questions

    We r sending u Malaysia for training r u ready to go this Monday?

    I said yes,than he asked what about my studies

    I said well ,I?m concerned about my graduation

    He said than r u ready to leave this golden opportunity and asked me a number of questions on it.

    Tell me what kind of wife r u looking for?

    Tell me about you father?

    Why r u not interested in doing masters?

    If tcs pays you double the salary will you leave our company?

    And  other such questions

    And finally he offered me a hand shake and he said I don?t know who interviewed whom but it was a nice one

    Remember for an interview:::

    ·  They see your confidence

    ·  Communication

    ·  And well see how you answer them

    ·  As it is an hr interview I wasn?t asked any of technical questions

    ·  Puzzles may be asked ,but it doesn?t matter if u couldn?t solve it,just keep on trying and don?t give up.

    ·  Be polite,and do not argue with them which I had done but I apologize  and made it clear


    Best of luck ,and just keep your mind active

    That?s only works


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